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Individual Case and  Call  for  General CHANGES 


Individual CASE ( MORE THAN   20  years  of  willful INJUSTICE  )

Immediate changes are necessary , so that Barbara Schneider will have the opportunity to live and work without any further intentional disturbance of her private life , business life and social life , without further willful violations of human rights and constitutional rights .

For years she suffered  again and again willful injustice , discrimination , unfair treatment and slander,  which hurt  her life heavily . Last year she “finally “ contacted the Petitionsausschuss ,  Deutscher Bundestag, Germany/ Berlin   . The petition is in progress : Pet 4 -17-07-3005-020150 .

During the last years she always tried to solve the troubles and cases immediately , also with the aim to avoid repetitions by criminals or further violations . But she suffered again and again willful unfair treatment and intentional violations . Therefore ,  she asks now and again for support by writing this petition to  " force legally " immediate changes .

Since  1997 ,she claimed  her rights  legally  again and again as a victim / complainant at diverse courts and send , when necessary complaints to the prosecutors .
Even , when she won a legal proceeding  the judges did not avoid to add bad and/ or false argumentations and words of discriminations in the final decision ( written documents ) or reduced her rights as much as possible . She also had to ask several times to receive repayments  by the other parties  ( final decision by court ) . In some cases she was not even respected as a serious legal complainant,  because she did not use the support of  an advocate at court . Unfortunately , even  when supported by an advocate violation of dignity and compensation was not yet taken seriously into consideration (e.g.: industrial court (additional  cash  jobs) ) . She had  to  withdraw  additional trials  caused by financial and other reasons ( e.g.: time , stress ) .
Betray ( compare Prozessbetrug, Amtspflichtsverletzungen ) and intentional false argumentations and lies were produced and  submitted by the other parties and were also willfully   ignored by judges as well as  witness reports and evidences .Again and again she send complaints to the responsible persons and  authorities  , but in most cases rejection of judges and service supervision complaints were incorrectly rejected .

In other cases prosecutors did  not even start an investigation or they mixed her ( complainant) identity and address  with other persons.  In other cases prosecutors wrote that they close investigations with the “ illegally” argument that the criminal/ accused person   received  enough penalty in other cases .
No or unfair investigations , no fair trials , no justice , no compensations for the victim , no reparation , no support   for   victims ...... !

She was illegally accused to have blamed a “ police car “ ( miles away) by showing a middle finger . Her complaints against the police were not even discussed by the prosecutors and the service supervision trouble was also ignored ( no reply at all) . Furthermore , the police women did not tell the truth at court . Only the prosecutor in Berlin reopened the investigations ( file 14 Js 4046 / 10) , but it was ignored and  refused  by the prosecutor  ,where the police is based (local  responsibility).She  did not lodged  an appeal,  because   she  did not  want to have any  further contact with the  city and the  persons and institutions  and  wanted to  avoid  further  stress .It is also the  town ,  where  the  prosecutors  wilfully  did not  make  investigations in  other  cases  ( betray , ID  theft, others ) .

She suffered many years ago a violation of freedom for a few days and prosecutors are still ignoring the necessity to reopen the investigations  against the responsible persons . They willfully   did  not take her  serious . She could  not  join a  job  appointment   , a dentist appointment  and  could  not  do her  daily  job as a designer . When   she  showed the  documents / letters to one of the "responsible  persons" ,he said that  they  thought that it would be  only a  reason/ lie to get  out   and expressed  his  excuses .   Nevertheless , she could not leave .  She  suffered  extortion , threats  and bodily  harm  ,  and  .... ! The  State  keeps willfully  false  documents . She  noticed   and   documented  also the  general bad  situation .  A  few   weeks  before  this " violation of  freedom "  she had  succesfully  participated a personal interview  and portfolio presentation  at  an  art university !

She  suffered  heavily slander and betray in the following years , forced and caused  by the ignorance and false investigations by  prosecutors and  authorities  , whom she contacted years ago .  She was/ is  a  victim of  organised crimes and  discriminations  which  caused  financial damages and heavily disturbance of her private and business life. Again and again she also  suffered  wilfully ID betray to her burden .

At an university ( further studies) she was intentionally betrayed by a teacher during an examination and had to fight at court for her rights / justice . Other teachers started a kind of mobbing and slander and a member of the head of the university said that she should not take the situation too serious and he did not act at all . Every grade of  each  examination was relevant for the calculation of  the final grade  . Finally , it was unbearable to study  at this university . She left the university and Germany . Again she was forced to make  changes regarding her main career .

There is an urgent  NEED to start investigations and reopen investigations and “ reopen legal proceedings  “ ( Prozessbetrug / betray of trials , willfully false information by other parties) , reopen supervision service complaints and rejections of judges and prosecutors immediately !
This is not only  necessity for the  individual situation  , but it is also a need to respect and cultivate the democracy and the constitutional rights and  international human rights .

There is not only the need and duty for individual justice , repayments and compensations, but it is also a general need and duty and necessity for other victims involved in the same and/ or similar cases ( see  general changes) .

Seriously , there are in general unfortunately quite far too much persons , who suffered also diverse illegal treatments and trials in life , but this troubles are intentionally “ ongoing” to her burden for  many years and  ages . It seems to be  always the  same  method and aim to destroy her dignity , reputation and private and business life and to try to avoid that she might leave the country .
The organized crimes heavily started - quite obviously - when  she just finished her first studies successfully and  her studentship , one year abroad .  She   joined her first job for a few month and taught   courses at a school for young creative pupils .
She did not have the chance and opportunity to build up a strong social and business life before the years of injustice started to her burden . She was hurt heavily when an important time of her career and social life should have started .
The duty and opportunity to fight through all instances in each case is / was in such cases impossible ( regarding time , financial reason ,moving to diverse cities and / abroad ,situation in Germany ,  others) .

The intentional ignorance of the German State and authorities and their willful inactivity are not acceptable and illegal .
She also offered the German State to purchase the files legally  as evidences   ( compare “ illegally” purchase of information in tax related cases by German State ) .

Furthermore , she asks  the White House and US State Department for justice , for  repayments , official corrections and damages as well as the Swiss State / Swiss Authorities and Austria and to start and reopen investigations against the responsible persons .

Individuals and  some companies,  who were/ are  involved  are NOT mentioned separately   ( target) , because negotiations failed and / or trials and investigations are part of the cases mentioned above and / or are not even / yet recognised or mentioned officially as part of the organized crimes and   / or part of ongoing  trials / investigations.
Seriously , she tried to ask for negotiations and statements and corrections  before contacting a court or prosecutor in cases, where it is was recommendable and / or possible.

Honestly , she is not feeling  comfortable  to write publicly  about her  individual case .

 There is  a  an urgent need  of  change  : truth ,  justice , security , peace , freedom and reparation !

STOP “ organized crimes “ and willful injustice and intentional inactivity .

                                                               *   *  *

The aim is to ask for changes and better situations

Caused by far too many years of injustice and bad experiences she is also formally asking   for general changes .

German  Responsibility  :
 Anwaltzwang (advocate compulsion) : No duty to fight in higher instances (German court ) with the support of an advocate . Compare opportunity / duty to fight without attorney at international Human Rights Courts
Universities : Duty to solve examination troubles caused by teachers and / or examination offices immediately, if possible to avoid legal proceedings  and further stress to the burden  of  the victim/ student . Duty to inform responsible institutions to check intentional discrimination and unfair treatment to the burden of the victim/ student . Duty to pay repayments and compensation to the victim/ student , without additional trials  .
Victims : Better support and more security for victims of crimes ( from hospitals ( documentations of violations, e.g.  bodily  harm ) , police ( witness reports , copies ) , court ( respect , reparation, fair trial , security ,repayments , compensation) . No duty to claim  for compensation  seperately  at  court   .
Better “supervision” of State authorities , police , prosecutors and judges to avoid : arbitrariness und intentional discrimination , and unfair treatment and willful false decisions . Reopening of investigations if / when necessary at any time .
Change of “old fashioned” (compare  2.World War regulations , inhuman treatment of “mentally  insane persons “ ) regulations and documentations regarding the opportunity to misuse “Zwangseinweisungen “ /( custody under compulsion ) for sane persons instead of only for “ dangerous and mentally  insane “ persons , respecting international human rights ( compare also right of suspects and custody, right to freedom ( insanity) ) . Duty of immediate investigations against responsible persons and compensation and repayments for the victim to avoid further  willful slander and further violations in the following years .
Establish a "  Human Rights Department  "  to cultivate International  Human Rights : support and spread  of  information to organisations , individuals of all ages  and more  , etc. !

NO duty  to have and sign a  kind of “Nicheintretensverfügung” ( investigation rejected by prosecutor) without additional explanations and opportunity to send a statement without further damages. The problem is , if you will not sign the document  , you have to pay a fee . If you do not agree ,  that you might  have failed to do ,  what the prosecutor wanted (as victim/ complainant) e.g., sending relevant documents , you are in trouble. If you send a statement , the court will discuss it as a new complaint . If you fail again , you have to pay the fees for the trial and / or   claim   your rights  again ( next instance ) . Though , this kind of document and the rejection of the investigation by the prosecutor caused further complaints and fees and finally a complaint at the Bundesgericht . The withdraw of the ( her, individual case ) complaint at the Bundesgericht in Lausanne / Switzerland , which was accepted by the court,  was caused by financial reason and lack of time. A fee would  have to be paid in advance  to the Bundesgericht . Fees  for the "first"  trial  ( see above)  had  to be  paid. Summary : no investigations ,  no   support for  victims , no  justice  , but fees !

NO duty to pay fees  ( in advance ) to Austrian prosecutors to start investigations .


EU Responsibility

 Duty to support victims and start investigations .

Citation : “ The Member States are themselves responsible for the maintenance of law and order , and the safeguarding of internal security “ , writing 2008, Unit 3 D , EU Commission . Nevertheless , the EU should support victims of political crimes / politically supported crimes ; if an EU Member State ignores intentionally organized crimes and/ or “Amtspflichtverletzungen “ and if the State is willfully inactive .

Right to truth , justice ,security and reparation ( UDHR)  !

International Responsibility :
Better and serious communication ( documents and /or links) should be send to  the applicants of ( US) Greencards and / or (US) Greencard lottery winners .Establish international ( bi- lingual) valid documents for vaccination reports (also avoiding that panel physicians might use old ones and unreadable ones )
Duty of starting investigations against unfair treatment caused by panel physicians and / or State Departments and right to receive repayments and compensation ( applicant) . Modernization / variation of Greencards like “lifetime working permits” .

UNO : Human Rights Complaints send to the UNO should be registered ( Case Number) , so that NO case ( file , shipment)  could be lost anymore ( already mentioned thousands of times to the UNO ) . Giving the opportunity of reopening cases at any time .
ICC : Better communication and support of victims of crimes, who contact the court . Offering a translation service in urgent cases .

EU Court for Human Rights : Sending documents / files/ copies , if requested by applicant to other international human rights organisations/ courts (e.g.: English version of complaint available) . Giving the opportunity of reopening cases at any time .

Security Numbers (e .g.: Germany) / SSN (e.g.: USA) : Modernization of Security Number/ SNN Systems , so that no person could receive two numbers ( Germany) or would suffer an ID / SSN betray ( USA , read about diverse cases online , ID theft ,) anymore .





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Discussions about human rights and violations are necessary to stop violations , to cultivate human rights and avoid future human rights violations . 

The aim of this FB BLOG / PAGE is to inform and force legally and peacefully activities and changes for a better future and world . 

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