stop the social housing development of 50S Gillwell Road, Lalor

stop the social housing development of 50S Gillwell Road, Lalor

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Phillip Shinas started this petition to P gleeson (urbis) and

I am a resident in the community of the mosaic estate in Lalor. I am writing to express my concerns regarding the proposed housing (commission) you intend to build in my community. When we built (bought) our family home the original planning scheme was for a retirement village for seniors. The plans for the development proposed seems quite excessive and unnecessary. I do not oppose affordable housing but what I do oppose is a proposed mass social housing being set up on my door step. Affordable housing should be something that is integrated and scattered throughout the community. The people in need of these homes should be integrated into communities and not plonked in the one spot.

We should not be building Mass housing in one isolated area in our suburbs where families have worked hard to build their livelihoods. I stress that this proposed development is unnecessary. affordable housing is currently under construction in New Epping. literally a couple of kms down the road.

I ask that the proposal be withdrawn and reconsidered on the grounds of concern for the local community. There are many concerned families in the area who are frightened at the prospect of this development going ahead.

Grounds for withdrawal of your application:

1. Social housing or affordable housing aka commission homes should not be Combined in masses. These houses should be integrated into the community seamlessly without obvious means to ensure the community maintains its prestige and avoids Troubled families congregating, as this allows negativity and distractions  towards those who are trying to put there lives back on track.

2. There are excessive amounts of social housing already under construction in New Epping. only 2 km down the road. its unnecessary to also bring another Precinct to one of the most prestige zones in the suburb of Lalor.

3. The initial planning scheme was for a retirement village. privately owned villas for the elderly. This was on all the marketing for Mosaic and Carlingford estate. Not a social housing precinct. These are very different. Owners in this area have paid premiums for the land in this suburb based on original planning. If this proposal was in the planning scheme I sense that the success of the sales in the area would have been quite different as would the value.

4. I can 100% uphold that if this planning scheme was positioned in the original marketing of this estate i would NOT have purchased my home here at a premium price as would a large portion of other home owners in the estate.

To the parties involved in this proposal, I strongly oppose this proposal for social housing at 50s Gilwell Rd Lalor. Please take the time to respond to my concerns at your earliest convenience. Please advise what this feedback means and who will receive it and consider it & why have residents not been given ample notice about this proposal? only a portion of the residents received a letter regarding the proposal. This seems sneaky and disguised.


It has come to the point where development of further construction in our community needs to stop, and enjoy a well-developed area. 


We are currently managing a population of an estimated 23,000 in Lalor alone (this is based on 2016 census report). This entails an average crime rate of 228 per quarter (based on 2017 stats) we assume this has close to double by now.

It also appears The social housing development of (50S Gillwell Road, Lalor) has further plans to develop more than the 48 allotment, this is unclear.

Planning is already showing cracks by not being able to cater for required car space, and assuming that a percentage will not have their own transport , I can already see issues with off road parking. This to me shows no consideration  towards existing residence.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!