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STOP Horse Slaughter in the United States

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70% of Americans (Public Opinion Strategies Poll) oppose horse slaughter, and you personally made a campaign promise to permanently ban horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption (Mexico and Canada).

During the 2008 campaign you stated: "Federal policy towards animals should respect the dignity of animals and their rightful place as cohabitants of our environment. We should strive to protect animals and their habitats and prevent animal cruelty, exploitation and neglect.... I have consistently been a champion of animal-friendly legislation and policy and would continue to be so once elected." You announced that you had co-sponsored legislation to stop the sale for slaughter of wild free-roaming horses and burros. During the 2008 campaign you signed on as co-sponsor to the bill to ban horse slaughter for human consumption. When asked specifically during the campaign, "Will you support legislation institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption", you gave an unqualified "Yes."

Additionally: as Congress and the White House aim to dramatically decrease federal spending, the U.S. Department of Agriculture would have to find the money in its existing budget, or allocate any new money to pay for horse meat inspections, which is said could cost taxpayers $3 million to $5 million a year.

I ask you to please think about what you are doing. The wild horses that you have allowed to be rounded up throughout the Western United States are one of the remaining pieces we have left of American History we have left. These animals should be protected, not slaughtered. We slaughtered the buffalo to the brink of extinction; we cannot afford to do the same with the American Mustang.

As an owner of three wonderful horses, I plead with you to reconsider your position, and ban the slaughter, or export of horses to be slaughtered. Please keep your word, and uphold the promise you made to the American people. This issue will not go overlooked during elections next year, and will only help your campaign. The American public, myself included, will never support any candidate that is a proponent of horse slaughter.

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