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STOP Horse Slaughter in Canada and Adopt Bill C-322

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Horses located in Canada are experiencing unbelievable suffering as you read this description. They are being crammed into trucks and hauled unwillingly, sometimes very long distances to one of 4 federally run slaughter plants in Canada, designed for killing cattle, not horses. They are often seriously injured, and many at times most are even dead upon their arrival. Horses that do end up arriving alive are extremely sensitive, and are aware of the danger surrounding them. Continuous threats imposing on them, create a state of panic and they immediately thrash about and throw their heads away from the workers, making a clean kill practically impossible. There are hundreds of YouTube videos showing overwhelming evidence as well as also many observers within slaughter houses to verify that horse slaughter is indeed cruel and inhumane for a horse to have to experience. Horses are not considered as animals, however many people are under the misconception that slaughtering horses is no different than slaughtering cattle and pigs. The treatment and slaughtering of food animals is in need of major improvement and changes but the cruelty and suffering does not compare to what horses endure. These are mainly animals that have immense human interaction, and aren’t raised like cows, pigs, and other “meat” animals have been. They are companion animals, working, entertainment and pleasure riding horses. BUT ALSO there are wild horses, something our country should treasure and be proud of, because they helped our nation gain its independence that it displays today. Instead, our government is sponsoring round ups of these magnificent creatures and dooming them to an imprisoned and torturous end! The horses waiting in slaughter stockyards, often in horrendous conditions are of all breeds and ages, from the very young, the pregnant, the old, and INCLUDING ponies, and donkeys. Most domestic horses have medication in their bloodstream that is banned in animals slaughtered for food, however this is not being monitored because if it was most of these horses would not be approved for slaughter! This is Canada's dirty little secret - and the Conservative government seems quite happy to keep it that way, which is extremely WRONG. They are not listening, and it’s up to US to let them hear our concerns with much more depth and context. We want to let our Government know that Canadians care about our horses, and it’s important to remember that this country was built with horses and it is an outrage to mistreat them the way they are being held captive and then slaughtered. Horses deserve so much more! Please sign this petition and urge the Canadian Government to end horse slaughter and adopt bill C-322.

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