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Stop horse and greyhound racing in Australia

The racing industry is hailed as a glamorous social sports event thanks to great PR and marketing efforts. Fashion, champagne and the chance to win big money is all most people think of when it comes to dog and horse racing but this is far from reality. Behind the scenes, the racing industry is responsible for the death of approx. 20,000 healthy and young horses and dogs in Australia alone! Not profitable racers are simply shot and slaughtered behind the scenes or sent to China for food.
The racing industry is rich and selfish and does not make an effort to rehome any ex racers (don't mention the shamble organisation GAP) and on top of it the government subsidises it! Certainly the racing industry is a profitable one and pumps a lot of money into the Australian economy BUT if the racing industry would get a real job instead, it could contribute as well to the Australian economy. I did not think that Australia was a country which accepts bribes to look the other way but this is exactly what happens. Animal abuse is a criminal offence after all but because the racing industry is so profitable it apparently does not matter. If a private person would do to an animal what the racing industry does to them this person would spend a life time in prison so why make an exception with the racing industry? 

Please read more here and if anyone can look at this and decide that racing is not cruel there is something seriously wrong with you:

Please support this petiton and end racing in Australia for good!

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