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Stop Horrific Conditions for Chickens at Cal-Maine Egg Production Facility

Some Texas egg producers have created breeding grounds for human health risks and state officials are letting them get away with it.

Every year, about 142,000 Americans contract salmonella from eating eggs. Texas agencies have been giving egg producers like the Cal-Maine egg-producing plant in Waelder, Texas -- the nation's largest egg producer -- an unfair free pass by allowing them to operate in violation of state health and safety laws.

The Cal-Maine facility, where more than one million chickens are crammed into cages so small that the hens cannot even spread their wings, was packed full of live birds in various stages of illness and disease, covered in feces, and caged alongside dead, decaying corpses.

The government can no longer give these operators what amounts to economic subsidies at the cost of public health and safety.

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  • Texas Commissioners of Public Health, Agriculture, and Animal Health

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