Stop Holding Eid Prayers at Memphis Islamic Center (MIC)

Stop Holding Eid Prayers at Memphis Islamic Center (MIC)

May 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Memphis Muslim

Eid Al-Fitr of 2022 was an objective disaster at MIC. Even considering the relative fluidity of the 7 AM prayer, the horrific traffic situation during the 10 AM prayer is something that needs not happen ever again. 
If you'd like to sign this petition but disagree with bashing MIC, we're on the same page! Please read the updated clarifications below.

The problem: 
Before 9:30 AM, the line of cars entering MIC was around two miles long, turning a five-minute drive into a two-hour road trip. The traffic MIC caused was perhaps the worst the Houston Levee area has ever seen. This massive line of cars stopped hundreds of Muslims from praying at 10 AM. For many people, it was simply impossible to enter the parking lot. The situation was so bad that MIC's parking overflowed into Heartsong Church's lot. We thank them for allowing the Ummah to use their space for parking. If they hadn't, hundreds more cars would've been stranded in the street, unable to enter MIC. The situation gets worse, however. Hundreds of people who parked at Heartsong were forced to walk across Humphrey Road. The sheriffs directing traffic were there to do just that: direct traffic. Not direct hundreds of pedestrians across a busy street. The official number of parking spots in MIC is 700. Such a small number of spaces perfectly explains why cars parked where they shouldn't have been: over the curb, in the grass. 
Regardless of the parking disaster, just getting inside the building proved to be a challenge for many. Entrances were blocked by crowds of people, many of them forced to pray in the halls, even next to the bathrooms! There was just far too little space to accommodate the number of people who were there to pray. 

The solution: 
Return Eid Prayers to the places that make numerical and logical sense: The Agricenter or Convention Center. We've held Eid prayers at these centers for decades without issue. That's because they're meant for massive events, while MIC is not. The organizers of this year's Eid Al-Fitr Prayer knew better than any of us that this would happen. They're the people who publicized the tiny amount of parking spaces (700). Regardless of any reason as to why they decided to hold Eid Prayers at MIC, it can never happen again. The Muslim Ummah can not be represented by a disaster that happens two times a year. Even if our reputation isn't a concern, a two-hour line to prayer is outright unacceptable. 
To the organizers and board members of MIC & the Muslim Society of Memphis, we kindly urge you to reconsider the choice to hold Eid Prayers at MIC. You know better than anyone else that it's simply impractical. For the betterment and convenience of the Ummah, please go back to the tried and trusted way. 
Thank you for your time, consideration & understanding. Eid Mubarak!

Under no circumstance is there intended to be any form of malice or hatred brought by this petition. We are all a part of the Muslim Ummah, hate towards MIC or anyone involved is irrational and would lead us nowhere. We do not mean to ridicule the organizers of the Eid prayers, only change their decision to benefit all of us. Whether or not you, the reader, experienced difficulty at this year's Eid Al-Fitr held at MIC, it is undeniable that hundreds of Muslims have. That's why this petition was created in the first place, to keep that from happening again. Not to ridicule or bash those who made the decision to have Eid at MIC. 

We hope this clears confusion & allows people to feel free to sign the petition without the worry of being hateful. MIC is an amazing part of the Muslim community of Memphis, it just isn't meant to hold thousands of people at a time. 

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