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Petitioning HMSHost North America

Stop HMS Host Corporation from wrongfully firing their employees

This is a letter to send to HMS Host Corporation in North America to stop your abusive practice in firing employees for no reason or no cause of their own.


HMSHost North America

Corporate Headquarters 
HMSHost Corporation 
6905 Rockledge Drive 
Bethesda, Maryland 20817
Phone: 240-694-4100

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Letter to
HMSHost North America
I am one of many past employees that you have fired for no reason of my own. You have deliberately try to come up with ridiculous rules to try and fire me. I am tired of hearing from people that have worked there, that was fired for no reason of their own. You have HORRIBLE management in place which tries to get rid of people or fire them for something which they have no control over. You guys pick and choose people to be your favorites. When someone is speaking out or suggest something about the company, they end up getting fired or reprimanded.

In a time of high unemployment, you guys continually try to deny people their unemployment after you fire them. Even if it’s not their fault. You guys have NO HEART and should not be permitted as a company to even exist in the United States. Let alone, operate in almost all airports and some amusement parks. You guys are crooks, and it’s companies like you that place a bad reputation on other companies. It’s because of your corporate practices: hassling employees, picking favorites, lying to your employees, denying people paper work they requested, firing them for using anonymous line to report abuses, not providing them with the REAL Human Resource number, having management abuse the policies, but write employees up due to having a vendetta of your own, and many others; is the reason why you have unsatisfied employees.

WE THE PEOPLE need to put a end to corporations such as you. Why is it that Google, Starbucks, Intel and many other companies that made it on Fortune 100 are better than you? What I don’t seem to understand is, why have you continue as a corporation without being punished for your actions?

I believe the time is to act now. You: CEO of this company need to be held accountable for how your management is deteriorating this company. This company needs to be liable for such actions and needs to be aware of the horrible things that is happening to their employees.

I was once an employee for this company and I have never received such inhumane treatment in a work place. I felt like I was a slave, with little regards to my own personal life. Working 12 plus hours in a day, while your management sit around doing nothing. I worked my butt off for you guys only to be treated with disrespect, unfairness and then fired for something that I have no control over. I hope you guys read reviews such as this site: and many others to investigate in you horrible practices.

I’m going to expose your evil practices in hopes that people such as myself and consumers will be aware of your company and change how you treat your employees.