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Petitioning Councilmember Ward 6 Steve Kozachik and 6 others

Stop Historic Home Demolition in Residential-Zoned Neighborhoods


We are urging Tucson's Mayor and Council to immediately halt all demolitions of historic properties in Jefferson Park and other Residential-zoned neighborhoods and to strengthen and enforce existing SFR (single family residence) regulation. We are sick and tired of our historic properties being destroyed to put up mini-dorms!

Letter to
Councilmember Ward 6 Steve Kozachik
Councilmember Ward 1 Regina Romero
Councilmember Ward 2 Paul Cunningham
and 4 others
Councilmember Ward 3 Karin Uhlich
Councilmember Ward 4 Shirley Scott
Mayor of Tucson Robert Walkup
Councilmember Ward 5 Richard Fimbres
We are urging you to put an immediate moratorium on the permitting of the demolition of historic homes and the construction of mini-dorms in Tucson's residential-zoned neighborhoods, in order to review, strengthen, and then enforce regulations on Single Family Housing (SFR). Feldman's Neighborhood, Jefferson Park, and other neighborhoods around the University of Arizona are under increasing threat from developers, who buy properties from distressed sellers, then demolish them and build so-called “mini-dorms” (student apartments). Mini-dorms are architecturally incompatible with these neighborhoods, decrease surrounding property values, destroy the fabric of our communities, and negatively impact our quality of life - from more traffic, noise, trash, and increased crime that preys on students and other residents. All residential-zoned neighborhoods, if not now under threat, will soon be. Do Mayor and Council really want their legacy to be the destruction of historic neighborhoods in the center of Tucson? Please show the leadership needed to confront this growing problem.