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Stop Hillary Clinton's Veto on UN Resolution against Illegal Israeli Settlement Expansion

Violence in Israel and occupied territories continues unabated on both sides of the conflict. The Israeli Defense Forces and border police persistently raid Palestinian lands, orchards and dwellings; demolishing buildings; violently evicting residents; and depriving helpless people of their meager means of survival and shelter. Many times occupation settlers themselves attack and beat up unarmed villagers to harass them into leaving their homes. Mean while, despite Hamas' commitment to the ceasefire, unknown and unaffiliated militants from Gaza continue to launch rockets and mortars giving Israel the prelude for almost daily air raids and ground incursions using overwhelming force against Palestinians. Both sides must be condemned roundly for this conduct.

For peace to be given a serious chance we need to convince Israel it cannot continue it’s illegal occupation and expansion into lands it acquired by force. We must approve and support the Security Council resolution that requires Israel to stop violating international laws.

At this time America stands alone and isolated against the rest of the world. Even the British appear to be backing the resolution. As has been pointed out in a letter to President Barack Obama dated January 18, 2011 and signed by 52 citizens, including academics, former administration officials and ex US ambassadors, the current resolution is in line with UNSC resolutions, including: UNSCRs 446 and 465, determining that the settlements have "no legal validity". The letter goes on to state “America's credibility in a crucial region of the world is on the line - a region in which hundreds of thousands of our troops are deployed and where we face the greatest threats and challenges to our security. “ Additionally a large number of Jewish peace activists and human rights organizations have spoken out in support of the resolution.

Unchallenged and uncontrolled, Israel will inflame an already volatile region and it’s continued aggression will result in greater violence and once again drag the US into any ensuing conflagration as an unwilling partner. 

The world has seen us supporting Israel’s immoral positions for the better part of the 20th century. These are not American values. We want to be remembered as a fair and just people. We do not wish to be a part of recorded history where American people are shown as being accomplices to Israel’s crimes. 


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