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Stop Henrico County, VA from outlawing the care of feral cats!

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I am shocked that Susan Mills was targeted for her efforts to care for feral cats by providing a stable source of food in her own yard. Additionally, she worked to responsibly and humanely reduce the number of local feral cats by providing vaccinations, spaying and neutering.

You, the Henrico County, VA Board of Zoning Appeals ruled that homeowners in residential areas may not provide care to feral cats, effectively criminalizing the most effective way to ensure the health of cat colonies and prevent them from growing.

Her case not only is important to people who believe animals should be treated with compassion, but it also involves a major property rights issue. The Henrico County Zoning Board has no business saying a homeowner cannot leave food on her porch for a cat.

Please reverse this decision, which unreasonably curtails the property rights of Henrico County homeowners.

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