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Stop helicopter roundups and stockpiling, and enforce real solutions for wild horses

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Wild horses are living legends of the American West, and we want to make sure they stay that way. Herds need careful management to stay healthy, but every year, despite the fact that alternative solutions exist, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to spend over 43 million dollars on ineffective and inhumane measures to control wild horse populations.

There is a humane, cost-effective solution -- the PZP fertility control vaccine. The vaccine uses the immune system of animals to prevent them from reproducing. Over 20 years of research has found the PZP fertility control vaccine to be a safe and effective way to manage wild horses in their natural habitat.

Unfortunately, the BLM has been slow to change the way they’ve been managing things for many years. Despite widespread support of the PZP fertility control vaccine -- by everyone from ranchers to the Humane Society -- the BLM has only spent $200,000 of its $77 million dollar budget on the vaccine. Large bureaucracies often struggle to make needed changes -- this is why we are calling on Congress to take action.

Congress needs to mandate that the BLM use more of its funding on training and implementation of humane on-the-range fertility control methods, rather than relying on helicopter roundups, removals, and holding facilities.

Currently, more than 48,000 horses sit in holding facilities, rather than on public lands. These facilities are expensive, and many of the horses are auctioned or adopted by people not vetted by or accountable to the BLM.

The status quo is inhumane, and is costing taxpayers millions.

Join us in asking Congress to designate a larger portion of the BLM’s 2016 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Management budget to ensure that widespread implementation of humane fertility control becomes the priority management tactic.

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