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Stop HB 56 and the Criminalization of Immigrants in Alabama


"No immigrants allowed in Alabama."

That’s essentially what the most heinous law in the South, HB 56 is telling us. Alabama officials are doing everything possible to drive immigrants out of town by making their lives impossible to live.

The law would ban undocumented students from college, and even worse, would legalize racial profiling by licensing local law enforcement, hospitals, teachers, landlords, hospitals to become ICE agents. In addition, it would even require K-12 school administration to ask for proof of citizenship from its students.

On August 24, the Alabama courts will decide on the fate of immigrants in Alabama during a hearing of HB 56. During this hearing, a decision will be made on whether to proceed with the implementation of the law as it is currently written or discard some of the most harmful and anti-immigrant portions.

We can't tolerate the bullying and persecution of hard-working immigrants and immigrant youth. This is un-American, and there will be serious consequences to their decision if they choose poorly; the fight won’t be over.

DREAMers and their families are on the ground fighting for dignity as we speak, but they can’t do this alone.

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