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Stop Groomers From Killing Our Dogs!

There is no state licensing of pet groomers in The State of Florida. Incompetent groomers injure and kill pets every day.  Anyone can get a local occupational license and open shop with virtually no oversight or training. My dog Rocky suffered spinal cord damage after being left unattended on a grooming stand with a noose around his neck. He fell off the stand and was hung, I watched him suffer terribly for a year while he lost more and more control of his motor functions. He was finally put down May 30, 2012. My veterinarian's aides tell me they get dogs all the time that are injured by groomers. Hairdressers need to be licensed. Groomers should too. There needs to be education and oversight in this industry. We put our beloved pets in the hands of people who may not deserve that trust. I don't want any other dog killed or maimed by a negligent or incompetent groomer.

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