Stop an unwanted church becoming part of our community

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The residents of Kinnaird were sold a promise of high quality homes, quality open space, and safe children’s play areas. All built around a village centre that would be an integral part of our community. That promise simply hasn’t been delivered, and now we learn the land is to be sold to a church. A group whose publicly stated views are that we should have “gender roles” not “gender equality”, and that LGBT people should not live the same lives as heterosexual people. A church who hold their views so strongly that they had to separate from the Church of Scotland for being too “liberal” in beginning the process of accepting that all people are equal. A church that now wants to build its own place to practise and preach such views in the heart of our community, despite not a single one of their senior members living amongst us. And just when it seems like it can’t get much worse, we discover that our primary school thinks that might be an appropriate place to send our children in the course of their education.

If that was a great enough risk to our kids, and the rest of us, this church will bring 300 people into the middle of our community, where the roads aren't designed to cope with that level of traffic arriving en masse and there is nowhere for most of them to park.  

If you are as concerned as we are and want to stop Grace Church from becoming a part of our community, please help us by signing this petition. We need to make it absolutely clear to the interested parties that we do not want this to happen and we do not accept prejudicial and discriminatory views and beliefs in our community, or our children’s education.