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Stop Governor Rick Scott From Starving Our Children In Florida!

Governor Rick Scott and his wife stand to make millions, if not billions from the new Welfare law that was passed in Florida. As of July 1, those seeking food stamp assistance will be required to undergo a drug test, at their own expense.

What people don't know is that the governor and his wife have ties to the largest drug testing companies in Florida and they will make money from those who MUST take drug tests in order to get public assistance. This law is unconstitutional and we need to get rid of it.

The governor should disclose to the citizens of the state of Florida his and his wife's involvement with the drug testing companies. If those in need are going to be humiliated just to receive benefits, we should at least know what will be done with the funds gathered for testing. We want accountability!

Governor Scott has been involved in medicaid fraud before and this is no different. He has only found a better way to fraud the people of Florida this time. Not all welfare recipients do drugs. There are some who need the help and with the current unemployment rate in the double digits in the state of Florida, how will these children who need help from their government eat?

Let's tell the truth about this law governor, you and your wife will make millions! Well, we won't stand for it! We have rights too and those of us who are drug free deserve the right to privacy! Get rid of this law!

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