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Stop Globe's load theft

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As a paying customer of Globe, I was shocked to discover that my prepaid account was being charged for "value-added services" from "third parties" which I never wanted, never agreed to, and never even knew about.

I posted on Facebook describing my story in detail, and thousands of people have commented describing the same experience.

These "third parties" send Globe customers unsolicited text advertisements regarding games and promos, marketed as "value-added services". If the customer doesn't explicitly decline, the "third party" is authorized by Globe to charge the customer's account, typically at a rate of P5 per day.

Sometimes, instead of an unsolicited text advertisement, the "third party" sends the customer an unsolicited pop-up advertisement. If the customer clicks on it, even if just to click on the exit button, it's considered agreement to the paid subscription service.

Sometimes, even when the customer follows the given instructions to unsubscribe, they are still subscribed and charged for the "value-added service".

When customers complain about these intrusive unsolicited advertisements and the unfair charges, Globe usually tells them that they just "accidentally subscribed", instead of admitting what actually happened: theft.

Globe shifts the blame onto customers for "accidentally subscribing", and onto these "third parties", as if Globe is not the one that allowed these "third parties" to access customers in the first place. Globe receives a cut of the revenues from these lucrative "value-added services", which may explain why this is still a problem in spite of numerous complaints from many customers over the years.

Globe claims that they actually require "third parties" to ask permission from customers first before charging them, but if this were true, then there wouldn't be so many customers complaining about getting unknowingly charged by these "value-added services".

As paying customers, we demand that Globe immediately put an end to this thievery by requiring customers to explicitly consent in order to subscribe to "value-added services", rather than requiring customers to explicitly decline in order to unsubscribe.

As paying customers, we demand that Globe provide us the honest and fair service we deserve, and only charge us for services which we have used and agreed to with informed consent.

We demand that Globe immediately implement a strict opt-in system:

  • PRIVACY: No "third parties" should be allowed to contact customers at all, unless the customer explicitly agreed to receiving advertisements from "third parties". We are paying Globe so we can text, call, and use the internet. We are not paying Globe to receive unsolicited advertisements.
  • RESPECT FOR CONSENT: "Third parties" must properly ask for permission before having customers subscribe. Silence does not mean yes.
  • HONESTY AND CLARITY: "Third parties" must clearly inform customers how much they will be paying, and also notify them each time they are charged. We cannot and should not be legally bound to an agreement if we were not informed of its terms.
  • TRANSPARENCY: All customers, including prepaid, should have a quick and easy way to view and monitor all transaction records, and each record should be clearly and specifically labeled as to what it is for, exactly. For example, if it was a charge for a "value-added service", it should specify which service and which "third party" exactly.
  • DUE DILIGENCE: There should be an algorithm which detects if a customer is paying recurring charges to a "third party" that they are not interacting with, and then that customer should be notified to verify if those charges are authorized. This is similar to how credit card companies check with customers if they notice unusual charges.
  • DISCIPLINE: Because this is already a widespread problem, Globe must operate with a zero-tolerance policy towards "value-added services" fraud. Thieving "third parties", as well as any future companies owned or operated by the same management team, should be immediately and perpetually banned from the platform.


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