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Stop Globe and PLDT's exploitation of everyone's dream of a Free, Open Internet

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Let's face it, we're living in a profit-oriented world run by corporate greed, with a very serious approach on milking their captive consumers of all their pockets worth. This all is not limited to our decades-long-ailing Telco sector, but I'm certain that one of the first steps to eliminating this generational-progress-fatigue is to allow the Filipino people to finally feel that we're getting the service we deserve and are paying for.

The whole world's already got a problem dealing with this mess, but some people are still unaware of how bad the situation is, namely the Filipino people, and it's just about time to set things right. Every Filipino can relate to this. Our country, though dubbed as the "Rising Tiger of Asia" and the "Social Media Capital of the World", still continues to lag behind (arguably one of the slowest) when it comes to Internet service, that even the process of making this petition almost caused me physical pain. You know that feeling of waiting for an eternity just so that you can read this "important" person's message or just so you can confirm some business transaction or watch that cooking tutorial, those are just some situations that a lot of us had been forced to face one way or another.

If you guys didn't notice, we're being monopolized (duopolized, to be precise) by this 2 Internet tycoons, Globe and PLDT, for decades  and we're still oblivious to it, while being all whining and complaining about that download that took forever to finish, always blaming that our neighbors probably know the password of our WiFi, when the truth is, the one we should be pointing our fingers at are these two corporations and their elites that have been exploiting us will continue exploiting us for decades to come if don't take action right now.

Some of their controversial acts are as follows:

  • Participates in questionable practices (unfair treatment of employess, engages costumers in "no-return" plans just through phone calls, etc.) (No compassion for poor employees who steal company property)
  • Mundane but influential use of false advertising
  • Even with better infrastructure that our taxes funded, they avoid using it in order to force consumers to continue on with their 'traditional scam'
  • Illegally using their so-called Fair Use Policy as a loophole to excuse their costumers and the public's valid concern
  • Connections and tie-ins with the Government allowed them to remain as the two sole "competing" telecoms in the country, even going as far to deny entry of potentially "true competitors"
  • Never does and avoids internal investigation requests (

And apart from the many other atrocities they committed, they still managed to continue their operations and serve as our #1 and #2 ISP's (Internet Service Provider). And if you do an in-depth analysis of their 'service', they're arguably "sue-able".

And if that's not concerning enough, let me tell you about data caps: Never heard about them? Cause that's exactly the problem. Let's just take Globe for example, the ISP we're subscribed too (and no one's happy with it). They're offering this "Unlimited Internet" plans, just with a data allowance of 50 GB for example, and this plan also comes with free HOOQ, Spotify, Netflix, etc. So if you're not exactly familiar with terms like that, you would say "Wooooowww!!! Unli-Internet? With free Spotify too?! Come to papa!!!" And that's what most of us are. See, they're just throwing techno-babble at the wall, without even explaining what they are. And about false advertising: we are currently subscribed to Plan 1199 of Globe, with a minimum speed of 2 mbps, surprise, even with that data cap refreshed, never has our Internet speed reach that so-called minimum speed, and with that said, I so badly want to sue them. Just open your eyes, and evidences of their dirty practices are pouring everywhere.

This is a clear violation of Net Neutrality (Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom), and at its very worse, another potential bottleneck for the freedom of information around the world. Having this sluggish Internet behavior is a huge inconvenience and just served to damage a lot of businesses and hurt many potential entrepreneurs. This is a disaster in-the-making if we let this continue.

As a tax-paying Filipino who supports a free and open Internet, I believe that it's finally time for us to make our stand and voice-out. Let's make this ISP's stop treating us as cows to milk for profit, let's make them change paths for the betterment of everyone involved. A regulation must be finally put in place to prevent the damage from going even worse.

So please sign this petition and help us break up this telecom monopoly. I know this is an old ruse, but I don't want to grow old to witness that ruse upon my grandchildren.

Yenzy Hebron
A Filipino Aspirant

More info at: and Why data caps are cencorship?

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