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This petition is asking that you voice your opinion stating that the preferred method of euthanizing an animal is by injection or "EBI".

Many small and rural animal shelters in Oklahoma still utilize the method of euthanizing animals by employing a gas chamber. Gas chambers are a slow and agonizing way for animals to die. Animals are sealed inside of an air tight chamber as gas is pumped in to remove oxygen resulting in death. Because of this method there have been instances of animals attacking one another in an attempt to survive or injuring themselves trying to escape. Additionally, there have been documented cases of animals surviving after extended periods of time deprived of oxygen.  Please sign our petition to help us end the use of gas chambers in Oklahoma and tell our leaders that eunthanizing an animal by injection is more humane.

Letter to
Oklahoma communitites still using gas chambers to euthanize animals.
Oklahoma State House
Oklahoma State Senate
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Oklahoma Governor
I would like to share with you the growing concerns dealing with our nation's stray animals. 9.6 million animals will be euthanized this year alone only because they are homeless. Out of these, millions will be euthanized by way of the animal gas chamber. This method is still widely used today in over 30 states and accounts for the majority of stray animal deaths. With this being said, few citizens are aware of this practice because of the low public profile that county/city animal shelters display. Many of the stray animals are euthanized at immediate time of intake and have no chance to be rescued or adopted. Although, our animal welfare system has much work and reform ahead of it, I ask of you, as a special request, to help the stray animals by bringing attention to this barbaric method of animal euthanasia. I urge you to report the truth and let the public taxpayers know of the animal gas chambers. Please sign our petition and let our representatives know that euthanasia by injection or EBI is the preferred method of ending an animal's life.

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