Ms. Teixeira, please stop further deforestation in the Amazon, the slash and burn technique used by many farmers and further on, encourage and enforce sustainable agriculture.

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Dear reader,

The world's largest and most diverse forest is at the risk of ceasing to exist. Based on studies and estimations, in a 100 years, there will be no such thing as rainforests. The agricultral buisness and livestock production poses a massive threat as farmers are clearing parts of the forests to make additional land for their businesses. Furthermore, the slash and burn technique used to clear these forests has negative impacts on the environment and results in a lot of carbon release thus, having negative impacts on the atmosphere. I believe, that it is time for the Goverment of Brazil, to take more action by setting laws that stop further deforestation  and encorage sustainable agriculture which protects the environment and sustains the farmers. Today, the rainforest which WE rely on unknowinlgy, is relying on us for OUR help, to help turn things around. Help save this rich, majestic rainforest and the millions of species and people who call it home, SIGN THE PETITION TODAY. Every signiture, promotes change and TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.