Stop forcing students to learn history in Social Studies class!

Stop forcing students to learn history in Social Studies class!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Yuanda Zhang

Everyday, kids stroll into socials class to learn about things like "what happened in Rome in the 1500?", but not how to make friends, how to interact with people in different scenarios, or how to brighten someone's day when they're going through tough times.

In British Columbia, Social studies is a course required for all students throughout high school, and I'm absolutely disgusted! 

First off to clear things up, I don't think that history is entirely useless but just like many skills or knowledge that is helpful to some degree, this is not what we should be prioritizing in this day and age. In the near future, there will most likely be many major breakthroughs in technology from flying cars, to Mars colonization efforts. Although we can learn from the past in how to get there, students must learn subjects like math and science if they are to get anywhere, just like how one needs to understand the inner workings of a car to improve on it instead of studying who first invented the automobile and during which year it happened. 

By all means, history is a subject with lots of enthusiasts out there interested in studying it, but by no means should all students in BC be required to learn something that will have close to no impact in the world that is changing at a very fast rate.

The provincial education ministry must redesign the curriculum that is impacting all youth in BC!

The solution to this problem could go one of two ways:

  1. -The curriculum for Social Studies is changed and students start learning about social interactions, modern social issues, and how the world works today.
  2. Or Social Studies as a whole is removed as a required course to make room for others courses or electives students are interested in. Students interested about history can still choose to take it.

If this petition ends us effective, students like myself will no longer be required to take an unnecessary course that takes up a significant chunk of our school year, but if the curriculum doesn't change, the we will grow up with knowledge taking up space in our brains which otherwise could have been used for something much better.

20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!