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Hi all some of you are already aware of the situation after fleeing domestic violence with my childrens Father where the relationship had run its course I sought support back in the UK a CHRISTIAN country yet sadly some of the NHS professionals colluded & had me sent to a unit rather then return HOMe PERMANENTLY with my Father who though elderly had capacity (he has since apologised) as at the time of going into labour he was staying with me in a ''rental property' as we looked for a permenant home. However, glad I did as I got an 2nd opinion & was discharged with the BABIES.

My faith & in that my mental health due to my hollistic beliefs were questioned & what was meant to be a momentous occasion resulted in my sectioning as I wanted to have the babies elsewhere due to what I felt was discriminatory & unfair when questioning what medication is to be administered by my children is part & parcel of good parenting! I was diagnosed with postnatal depression not surprising considering breakup.

Nonetheless, after 20 years of working with children, physchology diploma, mother & baby unit etc I showed all I was capable but with this label these lies and gossip over my head Is was treated like a guinea pig & subjected to public humiliation in the community.

Eventually, leading to me actually having burn-out l was taken to court by the social services. They favoured adoption rather then give me the support in the community though I successfully completed a stay in a Mother & baby unit left med free to go back into the community with babies. I have a 3rd child on the way & I am praying despite my bad decisions resulting in little miracles after so much pain you will help me in the promise of knowing NOONE LOVES THEN me���

Please help bring KAITLYN-ROSE & EDEN-ROBYN & Justice David Turner����