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Stop Feeding Chicken Poop to Cows!

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Isn't it ridiculous what we have to tell these people?

One would think it would be common sense.

            ~ ALSchwartz

INSTANT UPDATE ... just got word that it is hard to find any validation for this ... special thanks to BiLL Fowlie ...

You can also mitigate the possibility of faulty info from Consumers Union by adding the little words IF n THEN ... to their statement:

IF this practice is occurring, THEN it should be banned immediately.

If I had not invited everyone already, I might simply remove the whole thing, but that seems rude ...


Did you know that big commercial meat producers feed chicken waste to cows? An estimated one billion pounds of chicken manure, straw, feathers and spilled chicken feed (called "litter") are shoveled in front of cattle on feedlots each year, and the cows eat what's in front of them.

The practice is both disgusting and dangerous. Current rules already prohibit feedlots from giving cows meal containing beef by-products, because that's how mad cow disease is spread. But cattle by-products can be given to chickens. The chicken "litter" delivered to feedlots contains that banned feed.

It also contains bacteria and pathogens, including E. coli and Salmonella, antibiotics and other drug residues, and metals like arsenic, copper and zinc.

Consumers Union has endorsed this detailed petition
calling for an end to this practice. 

To sign on in support, just fill in the short form  and add your personal comment below.
We will deliver the short statement, the list of people who signed on and any personal comments you make directly to the FDA.  


Consumers Union:


                            Special thanks to Ned Hamson for forwarding this petition link to me.


03/23/11 UPDATE
There is some controversy about this action.

However, our new and refreshingly "vocal" member, Kenny V. told me he checked this out on Google where he discovered that this practice is legal in the USA (not in Canada) and that it is "happening cause it's cheap and allowed . . . "

I do not know how reliable the Consumers Union is as I am not much of a consumer, boycotting as much of corporate products as I possibly can and still survive. ("RADICAL!" hahaha)
My friend Ned, who alerted me to this action, is usually cautious and savvy about mis-info and a great researcher so I tend to trust what he sends.

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I am posting my update here (and hope people who need to will see it) because the formatting tool is down again and I have wasted enuf time typing in the formatting code on the "Overview" boxes only to find I have to do it again because I made a booboo (and/or the "Overview" box was "misbehaving") . . . besides the fact that it is next to impossible to read the info-text when it is cluttered up with code and all run together with no spaces whatsoever. (I don't need anymore practice as I have both of the codes memorized now LOL!) . . . What a mess!

If this method works well, I will continue to post my updates in the "LETTER" box on PLEDGE-type actions.


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