Stop Factory Farming in Australia

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Every year, hundreds of millions of animals in Australia are confined and packed together in factory farms. Animals are forced into tiny cages or pens, with hardly any room to turn and move about, packed with hundreds of other animals. All these animals have one purpose: they are bred to be killed.

“Factory farm” is a term commonly used to describe an industrial facility that raises large numbers of farm animals such as pigs, chickens or cows in intensive confinement where their movements are extremely inhibited. These conditions, as well as how the animals are treated, are absolutely appalling. In fact, many practices that would qualify as cruelty on a dog are in fact LEGAL if done to a pig or chicken raised for food in a factory farm. But factory farming is not only harmful for the animals themselves – it hurts us, the economy, and the environment, too.

But what’s been done about it?

Some things have already happened to try and stop this horrible practice – or reduce it, at least. The RSPCA has a small symbol put onto meat products that show the animal this meat came from was treated well in its life. Although this encourages some people to buy more ‘humane’ meat, many people just aren’t educated.

This isn't enough.

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With your help, we can persuade the RSPCA to introduce more symbols to be put on the packaging of animal-based products (such as meat, sausages, eggs, and milk) to show whether they are cruelty-free or not.

With your help, we'll use these in large supermarkets such as Woolworths or Coles, and introduce a reward for buying these products, so customers are motivated to support cruelty-free farms.

With your help, we can stop factory farming.


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