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Stop exploiting international students, Glad Group!

We are office cleaners in Melbourne’s CBD. We do an important job – the community depends on us for clean and hygienic workplaces. 

But it has been revealed that our employer, the Glad Group, is exploiting cleaners on a grand scale, using shadowy subcontractors who use international students and pay them up to seven dollars an hour below the Award.

A recent report found that many international student cleaners also often face bullying, fear and intimidation. 

This is not the first time Glad has been caught ripping off cleaners. Over the last few years Glad has been forced to repay almost $200,000 in unpaid wages to cleaners, and fined $62,000.

This is outrageous! Glad is undermining the job security of all cleaners by creating an underclass of exploited workers. 

We want Glad to sign our Clean Start Agreement guaranteeing equal pay and equal rights for ALL Glad cleaners whether they are local cleaners or international students. 

TAKE ACTION: please sign our petition now to let Glad know that ripping off its cleaners is unacceptable.

We can’t let this massive company continue to profit by ripping off its most vulnerable workers!

Check out our other petitions to Glad and sign them too. Help us send a big, LOUD message to Glad to respect ALL cleaners!

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