STOP John Wayne Airport Expansion - Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, & Corridor Cities Petition

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-- Please note, due to new potential actions by the Board of Supervisors, that the positions of Costa Mesa and Newport Beach have changed from the original petition --

As Orange County residents, we are concerned about the noise and jet exhaust-related environmental and health impacts on residents and schools from aircraft using John Wayne Airport (JWA).

We urge the Orange County Board of Supervisors to protect the environment surrounding John Wayne Airport and the health of residents, and stop any plans to operationally expand John Wayne Airport. We encourage the Board to keep the blend of light General Aviation the same as it is today, to not expand the footprint of JWA, and to restrict expansion of corporate and private jet traffic now and in the future. 

While we appreciate the need to upgrade non-standard facilities and runways to meet federal standards and improve the safety operations of General Aviation at JWA, we are concerned that any changes to the makeup of General Aviation or expansion of corporate and private jet operations will negatively impact the health and environmental well-being of our communities.



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