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Companion animals are suffering as a result of the recession, often because their owners have lost jobs and cant afford to care for them anymore or pay vet fees.  Many owners are asking their vets to euthanise their pets.  The RSPCA takes in stray animals, but does not have the capacity to take animals that owners don't want or can't keep any longer.

Italy and India have already made it illegal to euthanise healthy companion animals - if they can do it, so can we!

Letter to
Member of Parliament for Epping District Eleanor Laing
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs UK Government
I've just signed the following petition addressed to: UK Government.

Make euthanasia of healthy companion animals illegal in the UK

Dear Sir/Madam,

A large proportion of the British public keep pets and to many of us they are members of our family, sometimes as close to us as our blood relatives.
Many people would be shocked, as I am, to learn that the UK euthanises many healthy animals each year, whether they are stray or abandoned animals or their owners simply cant afford to care for them anymore.
Our animals are like children; they rely on us, their owners, to provide them with food, water, shelter and care. In return, they give us unconditional love and affection.
Italy and India have already outlawed the euthanasia of healthy companion animals. The UK claims to be a 'nation of animal lovers', yet we euthanise healthy companion animals without shame or remorse. Please support this petition!


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