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This Petition has been started to close down all the little and big private zoos in egypt. In these "zoos" wild animal are caged under horrible conditions.

The popular prisioner is the lioness Masrya. She is one of thousand animals caged in these privat zoos. "Masrya" is imprisioned in a very small cage along at a big street with lots of traffic every day in the village of Abu Rauwash in Giza Egypt.

She´s been caged without water, food or medical care. Because of this little space she cant move and has to live with her own feces. Another well known "zoo" os along the roadside of the alexandria desert road at a highway restaurant (about hald or last third way from alexandria to cairo, befor the cairo city gate) where apes, desert foxes, horses, penguines and other animals are held. Tourist are stopping on the way back from their day-tours in alexandria and they are shocked.


How you can help us to close these horrible private zoos:

1) Sign this petition that sends instant emails to the responsible authorities

2) Watch updates and pictures in this case at the following link:   or got to and then click right in the "news" section.

Or take a look at our helpers from "Occupy for Animals" and their page about Masrya and the privat zoos, here:

3) Share the petitionlink or one of the links above as many as you can, Invite your friends to help.

4) Write personal e-mails to the responsible authorities (adresses can be found at the above link from occupy for animals)


Thank you very much for your support to close down all private zoos of Egypt and give the animals a new and better life!

Letter to
Chairperson of the General Organization of Veterinary Service Osama Selim
Central Zoos Director, Undersecretary of States, Wildlife Manager Dr. Fatma Tamam
General Manager of CITES Egypt - and - Wildlife Manager Dr. Ragi Thoma
and 2 others
Wildlife Manager - EEAA - Ministry of Environment Dr. Luay El Sayed
Chairperson of the General Organization of Veterinary Service Osama Selim
I just signed the following petition to close down all private zoos in egypt.

STOP Egypts Private Zoos


I am very shocked concerned about the animals in egypts little private "zoos" which can be found everywhere over the country on street corners, parking places, amusement parks and even highway restaurants.
The picture evidence taken in these "hell holes" are currently circulating all over the internet showing caged sick and starving animals without food, water or medical care. Some of them are caged in so small spaces they can't even move around and have to live in their own feces. Most of them are standing all day long in the burning sun along a big main road with lots of traffic an toxic gases!

These pictures prove that these private 'zoos' are nothing less than real hell holes for the animals even more than your 7 horrible governmental zoos!

Along with the known young lioness in the village of abu rauwash are lots of other (wild) animals
The animals are left in iron cages without their most basic needs like medical care, food, water, adequate space to move and live.

It' a matter of time until this lioness and their fellows will suffer from starvation, infected wounds and other diseases left without veterinary care. Thousands of them already died in the last year without any care.

Your 'private zoos' hold many wild animals, especially one lioness in a small cage near at the big main road at the village of abu rauwash. she is been held there in an iron cage without proper food or with none food at all, no medical care, no space to move, she is livin in her own feces and here cage stands all day long outside in the burning sun along the main road with lots of toxic gases! But she's only one example of thousand of animals which are suffering in this private zoos made to get some egyptian pounds for fun.

Another known private "zoo" can be found near a highway restaurant at the alexandria desert road (direction alexandria to cairo) about half or last 1/3 of the way before cairo city gate (near dandy mall/carrefoure). Lots of animals can be found there: penguins, apes, foxes, bird, horses ...
Tourists are stopping by (They must. Almost all travel agencies are stopping here for a little break/ the last break before cairo) when they are coming back from their one-day-tours in alexandria and they are shocked just shocked how egypt treats this precious animals.
The egyptians say to the world that they are the most religious islamic nation but doesn´t the holy quran say that you should treat animals right?? that you should not harm them?? Maybe you should think about it.

We urge you now to make sure that these hell holes are being closed down FOREVER and the animals relocated to sanctuaries (not you governmental hell holes) and that these suffering animals will receive appropriate nutrition and medical care.

To think about it and to helping you to make your decision you should know that no tourist and even no modern Egyptian will ever pay to see animals in under this condition. Tourists will leave Egypt with a heavy heart, Egyptians will be ashamed of that their fellow countryman are treating animals like that and later are running to pray because they want to be good Moslems.

The best would be an order of the court that the owner has to hand the lioness over for a rescue.

I trust in you that you will take the only right which is to shut down these hell holes. Until such a time, however, I regret that it will be necessary to boycott Egypt both as a tourist and by way of commerce and to encourage others to participate in a boycott as well.


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