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STOP lamb slaughter for the Edendale farm Home Harvest festival!

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We oppose the painful killing of innocent young lambs at the Home Harvest FEASTival family event at Edendale Farm!

These are the reasons;

1. It teaches and advocates that murder of a sentient being is normal. 

2. It teaches and advocates that eating unhealthily is acceptable, when studies prove lambs flesh is transformed into molecules which harden and narrow the arteries.

3. It teaches and advocates that use of animal agriculture is sustainable by manipulating the public to believe if its local and farmed in traditional ways then it is ok, when in fact the environmental consequences are the opposite and were there no farmed animals on that land, it could be rehabilitated into bushland which reduces land degradation and and prevent the loss of Australia's biodiversity. 

This is what it says on their event page;

~ Lamb is on the menu! As part of our aim to showcase local food we will have some truly local lamb raised at Edendale. The philosophy behind Home Harvest includes utilising local produce raised in a sustainable way and, for the omnivore, this includes meat.

Edendale lamb is bred and grown on the farm. Sustainable methods of farming that include low stocking rates, composted manures to improve pastures, rotational grazing patterns as well as low use of external inputs make Edendale lamb the perfect meat choice for this year’s feast.

The lamb dish will be cooked and served in a different area to the vegetarian dishes.

We ultimately oppose this lamb slaughter because " If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others...why wouldn't we" - Edgars Mission. 



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