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Stop EA Now

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For copiously nickel and diming customers with day-one DLC, online passes, forced intrusive DRM and all around spiteful business practices, EA was named Worst Company in America through a poll on The Consumerist.

Now, EA sees that it is threatened by these people who correctly portray a poor public image of the company. Instead of legitimately addressing the complaints, EA staff first responded with childish indignant comments, then saw that they needed a scapegoat.

EA is pushing all over the web that they are the 'heroic campaigner' for LGBT rights in video games, that their poor public image and attacks from gamers are because of their choice to include LGBT characters in their games. With the vast majority of EA critics, this is simply not the case.

Note how other games with homosexual options, like Fable 3 or Fallout: New Vegas never recieved any flak for including them. The reason for this is clear. 'Homophobic attacks' on EA are entirely contrived.

Not only are they perpetuating lies and misrepresentation, EA has also set up their own petition with bots signing it in order to lobby support for the claim that they are a 'champion of LGBT rights'

We seek to make it known that EA is hated for its business practices, NOT pro-LGBT features in games.


RIP Bioware, Maxis, Westwood, Bullfrog.


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