End Invasive E-Hall Passes at WTHS!

End Invasive E-Hall Passes at WTHS!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Lenni Jones

E-HallPass is a new system they implemented at WTHS this May. It requires students to request to leave their classrooms for anything - getting water, going to the bathroom, heading to the office, etc. It’s an invasion of privacy, to say the least.

The student body and the teachers understand that this system is supposed to cut down on people skipping class, but it’s not fair. The percentage of students cutting class is not enough to justify punishing the entire school. If one person commits a crime on the road, all drivers are not punished. The proper punishment is placed on the one who committed the crime.

This system is also an inconvenience for the teachers, as they must constantly monitor those who want to go to the bathroom. As soon as a student returns from their destination, the teacher much drop what they are doing to end the student’s hall pass.  No teacher has the resources to both teach and monitor their e-hallpass system.

Furthermore, students at WTHS already had to scan their student IDs to get to the bathroom. The bathrooms were already monitored, so why do they need extra monitoring? It gives some students anxiety, especially the female students who may need extra time and trips to the bathroom on their periods. We don’t like being monitored like this when we weren’t doing anything wrong.

Finally, why instate this system at the end of the school year? There’s only a month until the school year ends, and people are already exhausted from the school year. Adding to the work students and teachers must do has already upset many. This system is excessive, invasive, and unwelcome so late in the year.

Mr. Strout and the rest of the WTHS Administrative Staff, please listen to us. It’s not fair to punish the honest majority for the skipping and cutting of the minority. We hate e-hallpass and would prefer if it was only required for students that have been caught misbehaving.

Thank you.

406 have signed. Let’s get to 500!