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Stop Trump from Starving Kids to Death!

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The United States administration is fully supporting and participating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s brutal war against the poor nation of Yemen purportedly to blunt Iran’s moves in the region. The Saudis do not seem to care how many children or other innocent human beings they kill by their bombings which are carried out by American and British made planes and bombs and with American military support. The Saudis are also blockading food and medical aid from reaching starving and sick kids. The United Nations estimates that millions of Yemeni people including children are at risk of dying from starvation and disease including a cholera epidemic if this US/UK assisted Saudi embargo and bombing are not STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. The US media is not fully covering this massive crime against humanity which makes all Americans culpable! This is NOT ABOUT POLITICS AT ALL. No normal human being can condone deliberate starvation of innocent children! SEND A STRONG MESSAGE to the TRUMP/PENCE administration and to your Congressperson/Senator NOW before it’s too late. 

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