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Stop Domino's Pizza Paying Below the "Minimum Wage"

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Demand Wage Justice for Domino's Delivery Drivers.

Please let Domino's know what you think about them paying below the minimum wage right here on their Facebook.


Delivery Drivers for Domino's are paid below the award rate of pay and the "Minimum Wage". My 19 year old son was paid $14.51 per hour for 2 hours per day, plus $2.27 per delivery. He had to pay the cost of running his vehicle out of this $2.27. So per shift, he was paid after expenses about $30. Also a uniform fee was deducted from his pay and a car insurance fee was deducted from his pay totaling $14.46 per week!

If he was paid the award wage he would work 3 hours at a payrate of $18.98 plus 41 cents per km for vehicle use. So he would earn after car running costs about $60.

Domino's pay is about half of the award rate!

Recently Domino's announced a 57% increase in profit, profit driven by this pathetic unfair pay rate! It's not like Domino's can't afford to pay more.

This ability to underpay workers gives a commercial advantage to greedy and unscrupulous employers and penalises those employers who are paying the correct award rate. This practice has been going on for many years, in fact the drivers work under a workplace agreement from 2005, yes that's right, it is 12 years out of date! 

It is degrading for young people to have to work for substandard pay. This is unacceptable in Australia. Demand that Domino's fixes this wage injustice now!