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Organized Dog fighting is on the rise globally and Indonesian men and women are also involved in this blood sport. At a local level, the breeding, ownership, and promotion of gamebred pitbulls is at an all time high.

Whilst Dog Fighting Tournaments and matches may take place in out of the way areas  (but not always!), the dog fighting Clubs and Organizations are promoted in the mainstream press and media, and recruitment propaganda is working!  The indonesian Procedural Animal Welfare Law 302 is unenforced. The Law is weak and those charged with enforcing the Law are not doing so. In fact, they protect Dog Fighting matches and Tournaments instead!

Make no mistake that organized Dog Fighting in Indonesia for entertainment, status and profit is part of the global network of international high tier dog fighting.  This has always been their goal.  A great deal of money is invested and involved. International networks with well known Dogmen are already established. This includes Dogmen and dog fighting kennels from the USA, Europe, Philippines (and the rest of Asia Pacific region). Bloodlines are already substantially shared. And the import and export of dogs for fighting purposes continues.

Dog Fighting is unconscionable. It's abusive and cruel. Dogs are scratched til death, and dogs are dying at matches or soon after. It's time to undo the Dogman's myths and lies.

Don't let Indonesia be the next international legal loophole in the war against Regional and International organized dog fighting.

Don't let Indonesia be the next international animal welfare loophole in the indiscriminate breeding and abuse of Pitbull dogs.

We demand to end all dog fighting's in Indonesia.

Here by, we, the undersigned want to see an end to the cruelty of organisaed dog fights. Indonesia's Animal Welfare Law KUHP 302 should be enforced. According to the current Indonesian procedural Animals Welfare law chapter 302, any physical type of crime or abuse that one makes against their own animals should be taken into either of the actions below.


(1) Maximum of three months incarceration or four hundred thousand rupiahs fine ONLY for the specified.
Categories of abuse stated below:

1.1 Physically hurting an animal on purpose to gain one's pleasure.
1.2 Physically hurting an animal under one's watch by not catering for their needs (i.e feeding them).

(2) If any of the abuse resulted in permanent physical agony (i.e major injury to death), one could face a prison sentence of maximum of nine months or three hundred thousand rupiah fine.

(3) Repossession of the animal could be taken into action if culprit happens to be the proven owner.

(4) A close attempt or non convicted charge as in lacking evidence, one will not be prosecuted.

The dogs are used to fight each other for gambling practices. It is
unacceptable that the Indonesian government hasn't undertaken any action to end this cruel and illegal practice. Dog Fighting in Indonesia should be specifically criminalized for its deliberate cruelty and abuse.  Indonesia has a responsibility to help end this world wide abuse of dogs.


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