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Petitioning Fort Worth City Mayor Betsy Price

Stop dog fighting in Fort Worth. Nathan Mattered!

I was ignorant as to what a bait dog was until JUDY brought it to my attention when she RESCUED NATHAN. Now I am determine to get officials to make the consequences of dog fighting so severe that it will fade from society within my life time.This is cruel and unusual punishment for dogs, who are loyal by nature. We would like TEXAS  to take the lead in cracking down on this illegal activity and challange other states to do the same.

Please click the link below to read how JUDY'S RESCUE of NATHAN is responsible for this petition.

Letter to
Fort Worth City Mayor Betsy Price
Hello. I have started a petition targeting you. I believe you to be our best hope in bringing attention to this inhumane treatment of dogs. The petition is to STOP DOG FIGHTING IN FORT WORTH.
I am new to petitions as I have never before started one. Having read Nathan's story on the site of "The Abandon One's" on face book, I became aware of the suffering of what is known as a "bait dog". I urge you to read Nathan's story. I would love to see Fort Worth set an example and, challenge other Texas Cities do crack down and discourage dog fighting.
My goal is to increase the severity of punishment for this crime, offering rewards for information leading to arrest, to have a feared Police Task Force and to see dog fighting in Fort Worth become non-exsistent in my life time.
The petition already has almost 200 signatures and is still being put together.
Eventually, I would request you make a formal statement, your opinion in this matter, possibly sighting "Nathan" as you motivator, should that be that case. That, being too much to hope for, I ask you to sign my petition.

Please refer to the following link for the whole story and learn why Nathan's rescue and death is responsible for this noble cause.
Diana Darden

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