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According to the Center for Disease Control "chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to bite that unchained dogs". Chained dogs get anxious, territorial and aggressive. Unfortunately, "most victims are children". Dog chaining is cruel because they have to live in a limited space having to defecate, urinate and sleep in the same place, therefore increasing the risks of diseases in our community. Please join this petition and ask the Osceola County Board of Commissioners to amend the ordinance and totally ban the chaining of dogs in our community.

Letter to
Commissioner District 5 Fred Hawkins, Jr.
Chairman, Commissioner District 2 John “Q” Quiñones
Vice Chairman, Commissioner District 1 Michael E. Harford
and 2 others
Commissioner District 4 Frank Attkisson
Commissioner District 3 Brandon Arrington
Please ban chaining dogs in Osceola County, Florida. According to the Center for Disease Control: “Chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to bite that unchained dogs”, and “most victims are children.” Chaining of dogs increases their aggressiveness, making this practice a threat to our society. According to Dr. Larry M. Kornegay, President of the American Veterinary Medical Association: “any dog can bite if it is frightened or feels threatened, even the family pet”. Chained dogs get extremely anxious due to the lack of exercise and frustration. Commonly, attacks have occurred while a dog is in captivity or as a consequence of a sudden release. They don’t know how to act around people and other animals, and they become territorial resulting in serious attacks or injuries.

Chaining a dog is cruel. It is well known that animals in captivity experience a high level of anxiety due to the lack of exercise and the stress of having a limited space. They have to defecate, eat and sleep in the same place, creating unsanitary conditions, therefore, increasing the risks of deceases in our community. Chained dogs are usually unattended outdoors lacking adequate nutrition, potable water, and medical care. They also have to resist the harshness of the Florida weather including rain, elevated temperatures during the summer as well as very low temperatures during the winter season.

Please amend our ordinances and include specific regulations regarding the prohibition of dog chaining in our community. Establish standards of adequate shelter, nutrition and exercise and specify fines and penalties.

In Florida, different communities already prohibit dog chaining including Collier, Escambia, Miami, Okaloosa and Seminole. Other communities limit the time a dog can be chained including Orange County, Dania, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Oakland Park, West Palm Beach, Wilton Manors, Pembroke Park and Tarpon Springs.

Please feel free to visit and, for more information about model legislation.