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Stop Discriminatory Treatment of Gay Employees at San Antonio Federal Credit Union

Currently, employees of San Antonio Federal Credit Union who are gay are not allowed to use the unisex employee restrooms at SAFCU branches; instead being told to use restrooms in the lobby. SAFCU also prohibits gay employees from mentioning their families at work, while heterosexual families are allowed to discuss their families freely at work. This is important because all employees should be entitled to equal treatment and should be treated with dignity and respect -- regardless of their sexual orientation. A whistleblower who reported these discriminatory practices to the Human Resources Department was terminated for doing so. Please sign this important petition and demand that SAFCU stop these discriminatory practices.

This petition was delivered to:
  • San Antonio Federal Credit Union
    Liese Teneyuca-Arias, Assistant Vice President
  • Mayor
    Julian Castro
  • San Antonio City Councilman, District 1
    Diego Bernal

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