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stop discrimination in argentina to all english teachers who are not foreigners.

i'm living in argentina right now, and i see a lot of discrimination in those corporates institutes who hire english teacher to send to companies..most of them , including me, are not natives, but we speak, talk and teach the language and even better than some who are in argentina and never learnt how to teach.

Letter to
Pensaris Natalia Morena
Pesaris Soledad Morena
As you must have heard i've already complained directly to your Intitution but never recieved a propper answer, I'm speaking in the name of all my collegues who are Argentinian and have learnt the English languange, though some Institutions, have rejected them just for not being "natives" as you called them.... taking in account that the word "native" is appicable to the American Indian at least in Norht America.

I'm a victim of this rejection and have been for so long, in my own country and it's a shame how this stupidity is still runnig along some Institutes.