Introduce animal welfare and care into school education.

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Humans have tamed many animals for many different purposes. We now live in a very confused society that can easily dissassociate themselves with how another living being should be treated.

Animals should be entitled to a high level of continuous care and wellbeing under the ownership of a human/humans. Humans need stricter laws to encourage nothing less than humane treatment towards any animal that they own, that they encounter under the ownership of another human or is considered to be wildlife.

Humans are taught from an early age to discriminate through humans use of animals and for what purpose their animals are bred for. The term human also disassociates humans from being an animal. Speciesism is a form of discrimination. Terminology is reworded to allow for standard practices that are used on certain species. Certain physical actions are inflicted on many species of animals and deemed normal standard practice. These actions would by no means be tolerated as legal, moral or socially acceptable if inflicted on a human being or an animal deemed a pet. Animals determined as live stock are physically enslaved for profit and their rights are overlooked due to terminology and perception.

Government funding allows humans the right to breed animals for food consumption, clothing, animal testing, sports, hunting, medicinal purposes and to work for humans. Humans also have the right to breed animals as pets for companionship, as guidance for humans lacking sight and for guarding territory.

Humans continuously allow a society full of animal abuse, suffering and neglect through lack of education regarding animal treatment, handling and training. Humans cut corners, costs and time allowances. Humans make oversights and continuously disregard animals lives and wellbeing. It is a human right to choose an animal for whatever purpose the human sees fit. It is a human right to cage an animal. It is a human right to transport animals with no stable safety supports in place. It is a human right to own an animal and keep it outside in all weathers. It is a human right to kill an animal. 

Society needs to give animals the right to live a healthy life physically and mentally whilst living under the ownership of a human. Regardless of the animals purpose in life. We need to end discrimination and disassociation. A life is a life. All living beings should be respected regardless of species.

 Tame animals need warmth, water, food, socialisation, exercise, daylight, mental stimulation and constant care because like a child they CANNOT fend for themselves.

Taming an animal removes many of their natural survival instincts, many of their defences and their natural diet changes.
Once animals are bred and reared by humans they are no longer wild. 
If you keep an animal outside in a cage, shed or kennel you have to make sure it has warmth, food and water.
All the basic needs of a human should be met as they are also the basic needs for an animals survival.

If it’s too cold for a lone human to stay outside during winter with no protection it’s too cold for an animal to do the same. Animals need protection. Dry blankets, rugs & coats. Wild animals are able huddle in social packs for warmth or burrow underground.Tame lone animals aren’t able to do this for warmth or comfort. Wild animals are hunted and inhumanely killed in the name of sport and illegally culled. This has a huge impact on our society that tries to protect our wildlife. The people that hunt and endure uneventful days become violent and aggressive towards innocent people protecting our innocent wild animals. Although hunting in the Uk has been made illegal, the police overlook illegal hunts taking place. Loopholes are made and culling of animals inhumanely takes place with false justification statements given.

The government states ”You can be fined or jailed for hunting illegally or causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.” This law is not implemented and carried through. We see live fox cubs used as bait for hunting dogs, we see the homes of wild animals tampered with, causing suffocation and death. We see traps set for animals inflicting extreme pain and anguish.

We need stricter justifiable laws allowing the term “pest” to be administered. Pest control using poison on any animal is inhumane. Poison spreads and can destroy more victims than intended.

If it’s a hot summer day an animal will severely suffer, overheat and suffocate. It needs shade, water and air movement. If left in a car with no water or ventilation. It’s a life threatening situation.  Animals are constantly suffering extremely painful deaths due to human negligence which with better education in place could be avoidable. Police and the public physically break car door windows to save the death of animals left in cars during summer periods. Live stock animals are transported in over cramped conditions, in all weathers and the vehicle containers allow little to no space for movement. Animals have no protection from over heating, dehydrating or protection from any impact whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Animals like humans are prone to illnesses and disease. Animals like humans need to be kept clean on a regular basis just like humans. The surroundings of animals need to be kept clean. This means removing any faeces and urine from all bedding and living areas. 

 We need STRICTER animal rights, treatment and handling laws in place. We need a better education system for those who do not understand that animals feel the pain of temperatures in extreme heat & extreme cold aswell as everything in between. Animals feel pain from injury, exhaustion and suffering. Animals also feel happiness, excitement, sadness, fear, shock, loss, grief, hunger, confusion, and thirst.

Humans need to take responsibility for their actions towards all other living beings that suffer inhumane deaths, abuse, long term suffering, injury and harm. Regardless of Species, we are all flesh and blood. Humans and animals are both sensitive to touch, temperature, atmosphere, weather, light and dark aswell as the moods, behaviours and actions of others.

Animals may not be able to speak a language but they are able to communicate and learn.

Humans created tame animals and whilst doing so humans created disassociation and discrimination enabling a society full of harm, suffering, neglect and pain towards animals and other humans. 

MARCH 2018 “British pet owners have a legal duty to make sure their pets are happy and healthy – but only 35 per cent of them have any idea that this law exists.” - Blue Cross

APRIL 2018 “Every 28 seconds we receive a telephone call of animal cruelty.” - RSPCA

She saw her mother hacked to death, now she faces life trapped in a tiny cage. - monkeys.                      He saw his mother shot, they beat him and make him dance. - bears.                                         She saw her sisters drowned, somehow she escaped. - cats & dogs                                                              He watched his mother cruelly worked to death, he's next. - elephants.                                                                                                "So many young animals are traumatised before their life has barely begun.                 Abused by people who see them as tools to do a job or a nuisance to be wiped out."

 Animals need protection April 2018 - World Animal protection.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (England and Wales) and Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) 2006 make a pet owner legally responsible for making sure any domesticated animal under their care has their welfare needs met.

A pet’s welfare needs will depend on their species; a cat has very different needs to a tortoise, for example.

What are the five welfare needs?

All domestic animals have the legal right to:

Live in a suitable environment
Eat a suitable diet
Exhibit normal behaviour patterns
Be housed with, or apart from, other animals
Be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease

Pet owners must make sure their pet’s welfare needs are met, otherwise they could be prosecuted.

Farmed life and wild life should also be entitled to these rights. However because of traditional trading standards and laws, slaughter, artificial insemination, abuse and lack of pain management is deemed normal. Poultry are force fed, living in cramped conditions surrounded and burned by their own waste, with no sunlight or exercise.

Wednesday 23 August 2017 6:00 “Urgent action’ needed on pain relief for calf husbandry tasks”- Michael Priestley

Calf being disbudded using a disbudding iron
Castrating and disbudding calves without pain relief drugs is a practice becoming less common but still requires “urgent action”, British veterinarians are being told.

A joint position paper from two leading veterinary bodies has called for a combination of analgesia and anaesthesia to manage pain when conducting routine animal husbandry procedures on calves.

The British Veterinary Association and British Cattle Veterinary Association message recommends NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) in addition to anaesthesia.

Three Rs

Replace: Selecting polled sires to replace disbudding
Reduce: Using sexed semen to reduce number of make calves needing castration
Refine: Refine through using analgesics

This recommendation is on the back of a wide range of research studies showing that analgesics reduce signs of pain after operations and stems from the view that laws are outdated and need to catch up with drugs, science and public opinion.

Alongside calling for NSAIDs, the paper called for a Three Rs approach in castration and disbudding of replace, reduce and refine.

Analgesia v anaesthesia

Analgesia: Dulling or complete mitigation of pain while remaining consciousness
Anaesthesia: Dulling or removal of feeling of sensation. Can be conscious, local, regional or general.
“It appears that veterinarians’ awareness of pain in cattle and willingness to use analgesics in general has increased over the past decade,” said John Remnant, a member of BCVA Board and clinical assistant professor in farm animal health and production at the Nottingham Vet School.

“However, while this should be commended, the apparent lack of use of appropriate analgesia specifically in calves undergoing routine husbandry procedures, such as castration and disbudding, requires urgent action.”

April 2018 - NSAIDs are particularly effective in reducing acute pain associated with castration and tail docking but are not often administered because of cost, time required to inject every lamb, and lack of perceived need for pain relief. -

 Humans need education. Animals need rights.  Laws need to be enforced, reinacted and to stop being overlooked.

Our current civilisation in the United Kingdom in the year 2018 still practice behind the times, inhumane, immoral, ignorant, violent standards of practice towards animals based on past traditions, religion, cost cutting, medical, government, educational systems and loop holes in the law. 

Religion and tradition should not come before any species of animals rights to date, if anything animals need more rights. 

If these issues are addressed not only will animals benefit from this as a progression in life but humans and society too.

If a human can disregard, disassociate and show discrimination towards animals causing neglect, pain and suffering, there is also possible standard of the same treatment towards a human. 

Please sign and share this petition if you care about animals, the treatment of animals and their welfare. Thank you as every signature counts and matters.

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