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Stop deporting parents who pick up their minor children from ICE

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Jose Perez-Baez is in danger of being deported because he is a good and loving father.

His oldest son, Daniel, was arrested in the summer of 2010 after being present at a fight involving other boys from his high school. Daniel left in order to not be involved but was later arrested by the local police. Because Daniel is undocumented, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) placed a hold on him, and his parents were unable to bail him out. Daniel spent six weeks in jail before the charges against him were dismissed and he was released to ICE. Because he was a minor, ICE would only release him to one of his parents – both of whom are also undocumented. Jose sacrificed himself by going to the ICE office to pick up Daniel, knowing that they would also place him in deportation proceedings. Both Daniel and Jose are now reporting regularly to the ICE office and appearing in immigration court in order to fight their deportations.

Jose is the loving husband and father of 5 children: Alma, 20 years old, Daniel, 19 years old, Angel, 17 years old, Maria, 13 years old, and Emili, 4 years old. His youngest two daughters are U.S citizens and all 5 are pursuing an education.

Since his family came to the U.S. in 1994, Jose has lived and worked in the small town of Coolidge, Texas, serving as the sole bread winner for his family. He and his wife are proud homeowners and taxpayers. His friends and coworkers describe Jose as a great father and friend, useful and dependable, a hard worker, and responsible. His community even raves about his courage and selflessness during a tornado watch in 2011 where he was concerned about the safety and shelter of not only his family, but neighbors and coworkers as well.

In spite of this ICE wants to deport Jose back to Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, a place he left 18 years ago, leaving his family here in Coolidge, Texas, bereft of his guidance, love and support.

The Obama Administration recently said it was focusing its immigration enforcement resources on the highest priority cases: threats to national security and public safety. They said they would not deport people with strong family and community ties in the United States. Jose Perez-Baez is the prime example of this type of person. His family and community rely on him heavily and he poses no risk to national security.

Please help us to keep Jose here in America for his family and friends. ICE has the authority to use their discretion to close Jose’s case. One of the factors that they look at is community support and attention. By signing this petition, you will help to show ICE that there is widespread support for Jose to remain in the United States with his family and continue the American dream.

We are asking that you support Jose and his family by signing this petition urging ICE officials to exercise their discretion and terminate Jose’s case. Although Jose did come to this country without inspection, this was done over 18 years ago and should not outweigh how important he is to his family and community.

We are betraying all we say we are as Americans when we deport people like Jose Perez-Baez and justice demands that Jose be allowed to stay in America to care and provide for his family.

Along with signing this petition, we are asking that you ask the Department of Homeland Security to end Jose Perez-Baez's deportation. Call the Department of Homeland Security (202-282-8495) and leave the following message (or something similar):

"Hello, I am calling on behalf of Jose Perez-Baez, A#200-773-077. Jose is a father who was placed in removal proceeding when he went to the ICE office to pick up his minor son. He has lived in Coolidge, TX for 18 years. I am calling to ask the Department of Homeland Security to please stop his deportation. Thank you."

UPDATE: 08/17/2012 - We received a letter from ICE stating that they were deferring action for 2 years in Jose's son Daniel's case. Daniel's victory will be bittersweet if his father is forced to leave the US.

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