Theresa May please meet my Mum

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Please sign this petition to urge the Prime Minister to meet my Mum who proudly served the UK in the Second World War, in all three armed forces, and only gets around half of her UK State Pension. She then lived and worked in the UK until she was 76, paying her National Insurance payments in full.
Now 94, my Mum only receives a state pension of £72.50 a week when she should be entitled to £125.95 a week. Why? Because she moved to Canada to be close to her family in her old age and has since been punished with a pension that is pegged at the same amount that it was when she left the UK. She’ll only get that amount for the rest of her life.  
Pensions are supposed to increase year on year because over time, the value of money and the cost of living changes. However, 550,000 British pensioners, most of whom are living in Commonwealth countries, have their pensions “frozen”, which means they are fixed at the amount they were when they left the UK.
My Mum was never warned that this would happen to her. When she left the country she expected to receive the full pension she had paid for in her retirement.
Since her pension was ‘frozen’ my mum has spent 18 years campaigning tirelessly to end this injustice, for herself and for the half a million other pensioners in this situation. My Mum is in good health but other affected pensioners are struggling to support themselves on their ‘frozen’ pensions. Many have been forced to return to the UK, leaving their support network and family behind.
This year, my Mum is coming to the UK and I think Theresa May owes it to her, after all she has done for this country, to meet with her and hear what she has to say. My mum has written to Theresa May to ask for just 5 minutes of her time to meet with her so that she can explain this injustice in person. But her voice is not being heard.

You can read my Mum's letter to Theresa May at 

Please sign this petition to call on Theresa May to meet my Mum so that she can fight for the half a million UK pensioners who are being cheated by the British government.

Thank you.