Denver Board of Water Commissioners: Withdraw Your $50,000 Kill Contract to Gas Prairie Dogs In Denver Colorado!

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Denver Water recently began killing prairie dogs on a small plot of land off Quebec Avenue that they own in Denver, Colorado in October of this year for what they claimed were "neighbor complaints." Neighboring advocates who cared deeply for this small colony worked very hard for almost a year with Denver Water to create nonlethal solutions after discovering that Denver Water might kill this colony. After advocates believed their colony was safe as a result of their barrier fencing being effective, they observed gas cartridges strewn throughout the colony on October 5th and Denver Water confirmed that they gassed these animals behind their back and without their knowledge.

After this colony was gassed, there were many survivors and Prairie Protection Colorado worked very hard to stop any further poisoning. We attended the next Denver Water Board meeting with advocates on October 24th and offered to find land for a relocation and we ensured them that if we were given this chance that the prairie dogs would be relocated by next Summer. Denver Water said they would "consider our request."

Instead of considering this request to find nonlethal solutions for these prairie dogs, less than a week later, Denver Water signed a new contract with Ronnie Purcella of Animal and Pest Control Services and began gassing the Quebec colony again and further added another colony about 3 blocks south on 8000 E. Jewell Avenue. Denver Water agreed to pay Ronnie Purcella $50,000 to kill all of them on repeated attempts of gassing between October 31st of 2018 and April of 2019 or until every last one is murdered. This colony is not harming anyone and is located in one of the only prairie communities left in this area. No developments are planned to occur here and Denver Water is killing only to get rid of what they see as a "pest."

Please sign this petition and insist that Denver Water withdraws their contract with Ronnie Purcella and Animal and Pest Control Services before it is too late. These prairie dogs need your voice!

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For the Prairie Dogs!!