Stop Deliberate #Hinduphobia #Hinduhatred by Canadian Filmmaker

Stop Deliberate #Hinduphobia #Hinduhatred by Canadian Filmmaker

July 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Canadian Hindu

Please sign to protest against Deliberate #Hinduphobia #Hinduhatred by Canadian Filmmaker hurting religious sentiments. 

Prime Minister of Canada, York University, Toronto Metropolitan University, CERC Migration

Canadian Hindus are deeply concerned with a film being released by a Canada based filmmaker that deliberately shows Hindu Goddess in a derogatory manner. This film is being supported by York University and Toronto Metropolitan University. It is selected by CERC Migration an organization funded by the Government of Canada.        

While we support creativity, freedom of expression & opinion it shouldn’t be misused to spread misinformation, hateful content and wilfully disparage a religious faith, its beliefs held dear by a large section of our population.  

The filmmaker has a history of making Hindu phobic remarks and the release of this film is a latest deliberate attempt to hurt the sentiments of Hindus while portraying a deeply revered Goddess in a derogatory manner.    

Goddess Kali is a revered form & manifestation of the Divine as mother who destroys sin, ignorance and decay and is worshipped by over 1.2 billion Hindus across the world. 

There is a growing level of Hindu phobia in Canada, and we call upon all Canadians to unitedly condemn it. Hate against Hindus in Canada is being marginalized and normalized. Hate has no place in any society. Canadian Hindus have always stood against hate and discrimination against all. 

We hope that everyone will come together to condemn this hate.
We call upon the filmmakers, sponsoring organizations to cease and desist all derogatory portrayal, references to Hindu Goddesses, religion. We also demand an apology to Hindus for this deliberate hate project.

We call on the government to take concrete actions to prevent future Hindu phobic and Hindu hatred motivated activities. The government and allied education institutions should not be associated with such projects that normalize Hinduphobia & Hindu hatred.


Canadian Hindu Volunteers


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Signatures: 11,572Next Goal: 15,000
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