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Stop Deforestation in Madagascar

Each second, an acre of forest is destroyed. And we’re losing more than just trees: thousands of unique forest species are facing extinction and the world’s carbon emissions are skyrocketing.

In Madagascar, more than 90% of the country’s forests have been destroyed and stripped bare. The island is home to thousands of unique species of animals and plants that are at risk as the nation’s forests disappear.

But with your help, we can protect forests and the animals that depend on them, in Madagascar and around the world.

Pledge to protect forests – before it’s too late.

* That animals depending on forests deserve our protection.
* That trees don’t need to be cut down for humans to survive and thrive .
* That trees should be protected whenever possible.
* That protecting forests is critical to fighting climate change .
* That forests are essential for the survival of the planet.

I believe that defending the world’s natural places is the only way we can survive and thrive on our planet, and I will join the fight to protect forests.


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