Stop Cursive Writing in Indian Pre-Schools/Kindergarten

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It can be observed that English medium schools in India at kindergarten introduce ‘cursive script’ to children aged below 6.

Books, other reading material, e-learning material is rightly in the print format however, the children are pressurized and sometimes schools make it compulsory to learn and write in cursive script. Reading in print format and writing in cursive hampers reading & writing skills making the children stressed unduly right from the kindergarten level.

As Educationists, we have observed that children get stressed learning cursive script at kindergarten level and where their energy should be utilized in real learning, it is lost in this practice.

It is immense need to complete ask schools to stop 'compulsive' teaching of 'cursive' writing script at kindergarten level.

Cursive can be introduced and should be introduced from 1st Std / Ist Grade and after age of 6 years.