Stop Cruising! For An International Ban on Cruise Ships

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1 cruise ship brings to our atmosphere as much fine particule pollution as 1 million cars daily.

There are 500 cruise ships on our seas to this day and counting, which represent as much air pollution as 500 million cars every single day. That is HALF the amount of cars worldwide, and it can be eradicated by stopping JUST 500 SHIPS.

In addition to that extreme air pollution, those 500 cruise ships cause dramatic ocean pollution, with constant discharge of millions of gallons of fuel, sewage and garbage thrown directly into the water.

1 of the 3 biggest cruise liner was recently condemned for 800 counts of violation, in 1 year alone, while on probation. They pollute, they know it, they don't care.

That pollution is absolutely not necessary to the daily life of humans on earth. It is caused for sole human entertainment. A global ban on that so superfluous business would instantly reduce massively air and ocean pollution in the world.  

People's awareness is limited and the market is booming. It is one of the fastest growing hospitality sectors in the world and the amount of ships built increases every year...

Cruise liners gross billions of dollars and will not be stopped as long as we the people do not lobby for a ban and boycott of that industry. It can start with growing people's awarness and locally with cities banning cruise ships from their harbors, then by forcing our countries to ban that business for good, country by country.

Sign and share the petition and be part of that movement that must and will grow worldwide.

The ban starts HERE and NOW. Let's reach a million signature and start a people's lobby to put this massive unnecessary pollution to a stop.