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Petitioning HE Governor of Haryana and 16 others

BUTCHERS of Gandhian Khadi Board needs punishment - Naresh Kadian

Naresh Kadian was compelled to move voluntarilly retirement, by the buthchers of Haryana Khadi and VI Board, where as Raj Krishan Sharma, Section Officer mishandled, all matters related to Naresh Kadian, while dealing his all service matters, he should be accountable for misusing power and Authoruty.




Letter to
HE Governor of Haryana
Hon'ble Chairman, KVIB
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Haryana
and 14 others
DCP, Panchkula
Haryana Police
Chief Executive, Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board
Joint Secretary to the Govt. of India
Human Rights Commission, Haryana
Hon'ble Minister for Personnel and Training
Cabinet Secretary to Govt. of India
Chief Secretary, Haryana
HE Vice President of India
Hon'ble Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
HE President of India
Hon'ble Speaker, Haryana Assembly
Hon'ble Lokayukta, Haryana
Hon;ble Minister
It is humbly submitted that Shri Naresh Kadian is working as a District KVI Officer at Faridabad and he is unnecessarily harassed by Shri Ram Karen Sharma holding position of the Member Secretary, Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board in addition to his Consultant position in the Industries Department after retirement and R.K. Sharma, Section Officer (Legal and Recovery), now Shri Naresh Kadian pay has been with held for no reasons, due to biasedness of Shri R.K. Sharma, where as he has been MS, Haryana KVIB in past and Shri Naresh Kadian was charge sheeted by him for no reasons.
1. Copies of Shri Ram Karen Sharma as appointed as Consultant in the Industries Department along with the copy of additional charge has been given to him as Member Secretary, Haryana KVIB, when a person has been retired by the Government then how and why he was re appointed to harass his subordinates?, retirement means not fit to perform his official duties, to give rest, where as he was forcibly relived by the Board of Khadi and Village Industries in past, please supply the copy of the resolution passed to relive him from the post of Member Secretary, KVIB during he was in service, again we demands his removal from this MS position with out any further delay and punish him for his un parliamentary abusive language Haramjade tere jute marunga.
2. Why Shri Naresh Kadian was not granted his annual increment at the time of up gradation of his pay scale from 1600-2660 to 1640-2900/-?, where as Smt Tripta Devi was granted annual increment. Principally Shri Naresh Kadian pay was fixed first at the time of modification as on 1-4-1995 then he was supposed to be given annual increment due on 1-4-1995.
3. Why Shri Naresh Kadian efficiency bars was not crossed and many annual increments were up held for no reasons? Where as he is getting regular annual increments now in present pay scale, there were no adverse remarks against him at the time of EB crossing, if ACR's were not recorded then why should Naresh Kadian suffer? Raj Krishan Sharma, SO (L and R) biased against Naresh Kadian and he has recorded wrong information with melafide intention on 15-12-2009, while dealing Naresh Kadian EB crossing matter.
4. Shri Naresh Kadian was not granted his second ACP; where as his all junior officials are getting higher pay scale and basic pay then him, why and under which circumstances?
5. Why less LTC amount was given to Shri Naresh Kadian, where as his junior officials get more?
6. Now his head quarter has been changed for no reasons from Faridabad to Panchkula, where as no subordinate staff was provided to him for smooth working of his office, where as two Clerks are already been working in Faridabad but they were not posted to the District office, Faridabad, Why and under which circumstances?
7. Many times Shri Naresh Kadian was placed under suspension and during suspension period his pay was with held for no reasons, why and under which circumstances he was placed under suspension and reinstated?
8. What is the numbers of the Haryana Khadi and V.I. Board employees along with their designations, place of posting and how many posts are lying vacant with designations and how many posts are abolished, under which circumstances?, best service conditions and promotion opportunities may kindly be provided to all officials of the KVIB and Deputy Director - Public Relation post may kindly be sanctioned.
9. Why Naresh Kadian pay with held four times and additional increment was not yet given to him? Then Consultant Ram Karan Sharma illegally worked as Member Secretary of the Haryana KVIB placed biased agenda before the Board and got approval that Naresh Kadyan be placed at HO being TSL, where as another TS (HMP) is working as DKVIO at Jind, like wise Anil Dalal, Clerk posted as In charge of the Consignment Agency at Faridabad ignoring Madan Lal, Clerk because Anil Dalal is junior then him, Why double standard?
It would be pertinent to mention here that Shri Naresh Kadian is a Post Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication with PG Diploma and his name was considered for Padma awards due to his dedication towards fundamental duties as defined in article 51 A (g) of the Constitution of India. It is further stated that Shri Naresh Kadian is an asset for the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board, who has done highest overdue amounts recovery during his posting at Gurgaon and Faridabad and his work needs attention, appreciation instead of unnecessary punishments being an internationally renowned Gandhian Ideologist, philosopher, animal rights activist and social reformer, first RTI applicant and the lokpal in Haryana was appointed on his request public interest litigation. Naresh Kadian name was also considered by the Govt. of India for nomination as a Member, National Disaster Management Authority of India.
So his place of posting as DKVIO at Faridabad may kindly be retained and biased official be punished, where as under protest he is going to move voluntary retirement application being an sufferers of the executive duty failure, full time Chief Executive / Member Secretary may kindly be posted in the Haryana KVI Board.
Naresh Kadian services may kindly be utilized on deputation as a Member Secretary, Animal Welfare Board of Haryana / Gau Sewa Commission.
It is matter of record that Naresh Kadian implemented REGP scheme moving first application to the Bank, like wise he arranged first Task Force meeting to implement PMEGP scheme, he has been Duty Magistrate during prohibition policy in Haryana, whistle blower in Nawab Pataudi black buck hunting, his dedicated work never appreciated by the KVIB, where as he played key role safeguarding CBC amounts disbursed to Shri Tek Chand Goyal of Ballabgarh under P&CBI but he was charge sheeted for out standing performance. So his detailed particulars may kindly be recommended for Padma awards again.
Rohtak DKVIO given charge of Jhajjar, Faridabad and Palwal, where as there are no office in Mewat and Palwal, no DKVIO posted in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Hissar, Fatehabad, Mahender Garh, Ambala, Panchkula, Bhiwani, Kurukshetra, Clerk is holding in charge position in Consignment agency at Faridabad, where as additional staff deputed for Rohtak to prepare required list to support existed three officials, how it could be possible for Naresh Kadian with out man power ?? so Technical Supervisors at Head Office be posted as DKVIO's re designated them and subordinate staff be posted in the field offices for smooth working and functioning of the Haryana KVI Board in the interest of public, which needs oxygen and attention. How and why many officials were re designated and DOVI post was abolished instead of promotion amongst deserving officials and Naresh Kadian applied in time to promote him as DO (VI) and why he was ignored during promotion of the Development Officer (Leather) being as TS (L), many officials awaiting promotions and some promotion matter challenged in the court of law because Supervisor - Soap was promoted as DKVIO against the roaster, Why Naresh Kadian is not promoted to DO (L) against vacancy?
Why Naresh Kadian was harassed due to false FIR No. 775 dated 25-9-2002 was lodged with the Police Station, Faridabad Central and he has been acquitted on 23-1-2012?, where as he has perform his duties towards KVIB protecting theft from suspects but he was mentally, socially tortured for a long period... shame.
Staff Assessment made by the Ministry of Finance under SIU Study Report of KVIC then why not for Haryana KVIB?
Under which authority Shri Ram Karen Sharma enjoying well furnished air conditioned office and vehicle facility, financial burden on the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board should be relieved at once, PIL is being prepared, please allow Naresh Kadian to explain in person and his posting to Rewari is not a solution, natural justice should be given to him, responsibilities be fixed for long hardship, mental torture faced by Naresh Kadian for no reasons, how biased KVIB officials are and badly delayed implementing the CE orders about his posting to Rewari and now Chief Minister of Haryana orders to post Naresh Kadyan at Gurgaon, his pay with held as well for no reason??? Shame. Section Officer (Legal and Recovery) enjoying the position of Secretary illegally against the law, he can not be a senior to Development Officers of the Board.
He is being compelled to go on hunger strike to protest injustice, harassment, torture and financial loss to him and family. Hon'ble Chief Justice, Punjab and Haryana High Court / Supreme Court of India are requested to treat this mail as PIL to give natural justice to national assets and pride Naresh Kadian, strong voice for animals in India.
Again Naresh Kadian placed under suspension because CM has ordered to cancel transfer but biased Principal Secretary Y.S. Malik, IAS managed suspension and he will be responsible, if any step be taken by Naresh Kadian in depression, he is not getting pay March, 2013 onwards and two charge sheet have been issued for no reason, where as Naresh Kadian has joined on May 2, 2013 at Panchkula but his joining report along with fitness misplaced willingly to harass and torture, this is happening in that Board, where he has spent 30 years, if this kind of governance claimed as good then he may be allowed to proceed on voluntary retirement but his all benefits be given first. Justice for Naresh Kadian, his service benefits be given, responsible IAS Officer needs suspension and charge sheets for their double standards in Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board. Raj Krishan Sharma may not be allowed to deal Naresh Kadian service matters, as he is biased against him. Naresh Kadian has lodged complaint against R.K. Sharma with sector-5,Police Station,Panchkula for lodging FIR for the violation of 211, 427, 120-B, 420, 182 IPC.
At last Naresh Kadian was compelled to move VRS and after long battle, his EB is being crossed, hence Raj Krishan Sharma, SO (L&R) be hold accountable and responsible for mishandling the matter, misusing of power and Authority, along with Smt. Veena Rani.

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