Stop cruelty in slaughterhouses : call for mandatory CCTV cameras in abattoirs in EU

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Recently we've been shocked by Polish beef scandal, after releasing the undercover footage showing illegal slaughter for sale of diseased and suffering cows (Click to watch: warning, contains scenes of animal abuse). The footage showed incredible animal cruelty, where we've seen cows so sick they are unable to stand, being dragged from trucks into the slaughterhouse using a winch, with ropes tied around their horns and legs. 

The quality of the beef has been deemed dangerous for health, containing pressure sores and tumours, indicating that the cows have been extremely sick and lying on their side for days on end.

After Patryk Szczepaniak’s undercover footage aired, the EU’s rapid alert system for food and feed was triggered, and it has since been confirmed that meat from this particular abattoir was exported to 12 other EU countries. Szczepaniak said there's evidence of a much wider black market in meat from sick cows operating across Poland and also other countries in Europe. 

Unfortunately no more actions have been done to stop that kind of criminal actions and eliminate animal abuse from slaughterhouses.

That's why, I am are calling for the introduction of mandatory CCTV cameras in abattoirs in EU countries so abuses can be deterred or detected and reported to an independent body. It’s no panacea, but it could make a big difference, providing a safeguard for both animals and consumers to eat safe meat. Many animal welfare groups around the world are making similar calls and some got it succeeded, so why we shouldn't opt for it in Europe? 

Please sign this petition to ban these cruel, illegal practices, so we can prevent further abusive treatment of sick animals and animal cruelty in abattoirs.

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