Purina is openly using kangaroo meat in its canned dog food variety Supercoat Casserole with kangaroo, vegetables and rice and in Ruffs Kangaroo Trick Sticks and Hide & Snack with Kangaroo. But kangaroo is also an ingredient in other products that don't carry it in the product name, such as Bonnie Puppy and Bonnie Working Dog.

The commercial slaughter of kangaroos is a cruel business. Each year around 4 million kangaroos are killed in Australia's outback by the commercial industry. A large portion of the kangaroos end up in pet food products. This large scale killing puts pressure on the population and with shooting taking place at night in remote locations it is impossible to effectively monitor this industry or the welfare of the kangaroos involved

A National Code of Practice requires that a kangaroo be killed by a single shot to the head, but evidence shows that in tens of thousands of cases the shooter does not succeed in doing so, causing injury and prolonged suffering.

Joeys are of no commercial value to shooters, but a 2009 report by wildlife ecologist Dr Dror Ben-Ami estimates that some 440,000 young kangaroos fall victim to this industry regardless. After their mothers are shot, joeys may be killed by the shooter, but many will escape, only to die from predation or starvation. Smaller 'in pouch' joeys are allowed to be killed by decapitation or a blow to the head. It is common for them to be whacked against the tow-bar of the shooter's vehicle to deliver the blow.

You can help stop the suffering of kangaroos in this brutal industry by letting Purina know that cruelty to animals is not a good ingredient for pet food. Please contact Purina to speak up for kangaroos:

Please write to the Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith Stephen.Smith.MP@aph.gov.au

  • Indicate your concern about the killing of kangaroos on Defence department land (in the ACT and elsewhere) and urge him to ensure only humane non-lethal population management of native animals by his Department.

Please write to the Australian Environment Minister Tony Burke Tony.Burke.MP@aph.gov.au

  • Indicate your concern about the ongoing commercial killing of kangaroos due to the problems exposed in the new ‘A Shot in the Dark’ report, particularly the wounding of kangaroos and terrible suffering of joeys each night in Australia.
Letter to
Purina online contact form - https://www.purina.com.au/contact-us Pet food company Purina
Australian Environment Minister Tony Burke
Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith
To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows we have grave fears for the future existence of kangaroos in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, and the fact that these state governments have already set commercial kill quotas at 12-20% of the population for the next four years.

According to scientific predictions, this could result in large-scale and irreversible extinctions of Red Kangaroos, Eastern and Western Grey Kangaroos, Wallaroos and Euros in the wild within a matter of a few years.

Considering this and other factors weighing against kangaroos' survival such as ongoing drought, climate change, DEVASTATING FIRES AND FLOODS along with ongoing large-scale habitat destruction, your urgent attention to the imminent extinction of our national icon is now needed.

Kangaroos should not be equated with herded production animals. They are free-living wild animals, many with young in pouch or at foot, highly susceptible to stress. As a result, current commercial kangaroo killing practice is commensurate with causing extreme cruelty to adults and infants, the outcome of which is to bring great shame on Australia as a society. It is conservatively estimated that three million joeys have died inhumanely as a result of this cruelty over the last 10 years.

Your petitioners ask that the Senate impose a moratorium on the commercial and non-commercial slaughter of Red Kangaroos, Grey Kangaroos, Wallaroos and Euros IN EVERY STATE OF AUSTRALIA.

We ask that this remain in place until such time as a full independent enquiry is carried out determining the extinction risk to kangaroo populations in light of new information that has come to the public's attention and the results of such inquiry be presented to Parliament.

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