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Stop Cruel Dumping of Unwanted Horses to Rot Like Trash

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Late last month, a tiny foal was found tossed on the roadside like trash at an illegal dumping site in the UK.

"Sadly, the foal was just dumped on a lane and covered with a piece of cloth,” said RSPCA inspector Charlotte Melvin. “It’s horrible to think what a horrid short and likely painful life it had.”

This is just one in a string of heartbreaking incidents -- including a poor foal found with a broken neck and in immense pain, thrown away to rot beside an old toilet and other junk in a trash heap.

In another tragic case, a dying, pregnant mare was found dumped next to a busy road. She appeared to be in the process of giving birth when she was left there.

Horses are being wildly overbred in the UK, and more and more people are throwing away dying or neglected horses like garbage. The RSPCA says they witnessed a 55% rise in illegal dumping last year alone.

“For several years now we, as a charity, have been picking up the pieces of the equine crisis, with our inspectors being called out to sick, injured, neglected or cruelly treated horses every single day. And despite our best efforts the crisis is not getting any better,” said Cathy Hyde, the RSPCA chief inspector for Greater Manchester.

The UK government has a responsibility to address this problem -- and if they fail to act, innocent horses and ponies will continue to be dumped and left to die excruciating deaths. Sign this petition to urge the UK Parliament to end the horse dumping crisis and stop the suffering at once. 

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